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SNOWSCREN WeChat Mall is officially launched!

by:XY Screens     2021-10-01
Today, the Internet is changing our lives. Especially obvious is the e-commerce, which provides great convenience for our daily food, clothing, housing and transportation. At present, we are also constantly strengthening our Internet team, integrating various resources in management and operation to better serve our customers, and strive to create an era of intelligent, mobile, and e-commerce Internet big data operations. At present, the WeChat Mall has been launched, and SNOWSCREN will appear as a new image of the e-commerce brand on major e-commerce platforms, such as Alibaba, JD, Tmall, etc. SNOWSCREN has been successfully launched on Alibaba and Youzan WeChat Mall. Friends can place orders directly on the online platforms! By following the screen WeChat account (service number: 'snowhite522') and clicking on the 'Micro Mall' below, you can enter the SNOWSCREN Micro Mall. After entering, users can view the full range of products inside and place orders directly online. At present, SNOWSCREN has successfully entered Youzan suppliers. You can directly search for SNOWSCREN in Youzan micro-stores to view our products for distribution. We have left you with the largest profit margin in Youzan micro-stores. You can set your profit value by yourself. You have the final say on how much you want to earn!
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