Solutions to the black screen of the led display_led display failure|shenzhen full color led display

Solutions to the black screen of the led display_led display failure|shenzhen full color led display manufacturer|huaze photoelectric

by:XY Screens     2021-10-03
In the domestic LED display screen is used more and more widely, the advertising media on the street, the LED display screen, and the traffic also use the LED display screen to indicate. In our daily life, the LED display screen is black. How should we solve it? LED display screens are widely used in all walks of life to display text, graphics, images, animation, market information, video, video signals and other information. This role has become an indispensable part of many industries. However, in practical applications, LED display screens will inevitably encounter various failures, especially the phenomenon of LED display black screen. Let's analyze the factors of display black screen: It is understood that 80% of LED display failures are as follows Several factors: AC power distribution wiring harness, terminals, connectors, signal and low-voltage DC connection wiring harness and connectors, switching power supply modules, fans, plastic shell components. If these interfaces, cables, power supplies, and bottom shells are not selected properly, the LED display screen will be black or partially black, blurred, mosaic, no signal, etc. In the process of using the control system, occasionally a black screen appears on the LED display. The same phenomenon may be caused by a variety of different reasons, even the process of blackening the display screen will be different due to different operations or different environments. For example, it may be black the moment it is powered on, it may turn black during the loading process, or it may turn black after sending. The LED display screen has a black screen for power supply problems. The main solutions are: 1. Please make sure that all hardware including the control system has been correctly powered on. (Note: +5V, do not connect reversely or wrongly) 2. Check and double-check whether the serial port cable used to connect to the controller is loose or disconnected. (The LED display manufacturer recommends: If it turns black during the loading process, it may be caused by this reason, that is, the communication line is interrupted due to the loosening of the communication line during the communication process, so the screen is black. Do not think that the display body is not moving, the line It is impossible to loosen. Please check it by hand. This is very important for you to solve the problem quickly.) 3. Check and confirm whether the LED display screen and the HUB distribution board connected to the main control card are tightly connected and whether they are plugged in reverse. 4. Please check and confirm whether the 50-core cable connecting the Lingxin control card and the HUB distribution board is loose or plugged in reverse. 5. If your display interface definition does not match the provided HUB board, a black screen will appear. Please recheck whether your jumper is loose, open or short-circuited. If you think that the signals such as ABCD have been mapped to each other, please check whether the OE signal is connected correctly. (LED display manufacturers strongly recommend using a HUB distribution board that matches the definition of the display interface.) If you have mastered the above points, you will be comfortable with the usual 'faults' of the black screen of the LED display. Believe that your company has handled the problems reported by customers properly. Life is naturally more prosperous. The above experience is shared with you, I hope it can help you. Through the above points, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding and mastery of the maintenance of the LED display. Whether it is the maintenance personnel of the shopping mall or the maintenance personnel of the manufacturer, when encountering this problem, I believe it will be easy Take care of it. In order to ensure the quality of the LED display and reduce the number of problems, Huaze Optoelectronics gives the following suggestions: 1. Establish quality standards, make some spare parts for the display power supply, and reduce the failure rate of shipments. 2. Improve design parameters and improve power supply efficiency. 3. Implement strict production management, improve production technology, and ensure product consistency in batches. 4. For occasions with high requirements for the stability of the LED display, add power-related functions to ensure that the screen will never be black. For example, the use of on-site maintenance-free power supplies greatly improves the reliability of the display's power supply; using smart power supplies, when the screen power fails, the failure will be automatically reported, and other power supplies will be compensated accordingly to ensure that the screen is not black.
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