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Song of Youth

by:XY Screens     2021-08-12
Poem: Song of Youth To: People in Pinbo Author: Jin Xumin In the winter of 2014, people came a little later, and people were experiencing time and time again in the precipitous cold wind. This is an ordinary day, with a huge screen waiting for a group of people in the basement of Shenzhen University Town. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, all installation personnel and materials arrived at the scene. The low ceiling, the strong smell after the new decoration, the unventilated environment, the simple installation, and the particularity of the product itself all bring unimaginable difficulties to the installer. After visually inspecting the site, preliminary planning, careful analysis, mutual communication and consultation, and reaching a consensus, the Five Tigers started construction. Picking a sharp needle into Brother Kun's finger, blood quickly poured out, staining the floor red and moistening our eyes. 'fine'! Brother Kun bared his teeth, understated, a band-aid, and continued the work at hand. Brother Xing had an injury on his waist and had to walk slowly, but he climbed up and down at the scene, it was all right. With a loud voice, Xiao Lin conveyed one message after another, and the small space was filled with cheerful laughter. Master Wu and Tom cooperated silently. The whole installation was smooth and orderly. During the installation process, three colleagues from the Shenzhen office heard one after another on their mobile phones, and it was so lively, consulting, inquiring, after-sales, and collection...a few statistics, more than 30. At about 7 pm, the on-site installation basically ended. Everyone took a group photo on the spot, facing our masterpiece, everyone's faces were filled with joy. Pack up the equipment quickly, because there is another scene---Longhua, waiting for us in another place. In Longhua, the scene was even more complicated....At three o'clock in the morning, people evacuated the second scene. All people, in different places, at different times, use the same belief to create three words: 'people'. People write brilliant youth songs with their tenacious fighting spirit.
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