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sony debuts 4k ultra hd blu-ray player, tvs, and ultra-short throw projector at ces

by:XY Screens     2019-12-15
Subscribing to Sony on YouTube brings an impressive lineup to CES this year, including the dazzling braavia a1 e OLED TV
This is just the beginning.
This year, any home theater enthusiast should focus on the company, whether you\'re looking for a new TV or simply plug in the one you already have.
In addition to the a1 e, Sony also released the X930E and X940E series TVs, as well as the UBP-X800 Blu-
Ray player tracking UBP
The company disclosed the X1000 in 2016.
Finally, if you\'re not shocked by the $15,000 VPL
The company launched a new VPL-VW675ES projector last year.
VZ1000ES should impress you.
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The array backlight system allows for more accurate local dimming than the company\'s previous LED TVs, as well as local brightness improvements.
This is related to the high dynamic range (HDR)
Both Dolby Vision and HDR10 formats mean that contrast and color are the best in LCD TVs.
In addition to the above improvements, the X930E/X940E series is also equipped with a 4 k HDR processor, X1 Extreme, which Sony says consumes 40% more power than the 4 k Processor X1.
Not only does this help to display what is being handled as HDR, but it\'s also possible to get anything and improve it to close-HDR quality.
Like all recent Sony Smart TVs, the X930E/X940E series is powered by Android TV to access Sony\'s PlayStation Vue live TV streaming service.
X940E series by single 75-
The X930E series consists of 55-1 inch models
Model size and 65-
Inch model.
Sony may have released UBP.
X1000 4 k Ultra HD Blu-ray-
Ray player last year, but it refers to UBP-
X800 as the first one.
Like earlier models, UBP-
X800 supports Ultra HD Blu-ray
As well as HDR and 4 k video streaming.
When paired with a compatible receiver, the player also supports Dolby atmosphere and DTS: X objects-
Based on surround sound.
Play 4 k blue light on one side
Ray is the main purpose of UBP-
X800, which also handles \"almost all disc formats\" including DVD video, DVD audio, CD, Super Audio CD, 3D Blu-rayray, and BD-ROM.
When you look at the USB ports included on the player, these options are extended further as Sony says it will support almost any format provided via USB. With Hi-
Res audio is getting more and more popular and you might want to know if it\'s worth showing up on a dedicated audio player, but that\'s another angle of UBP coverage --X800.
Player supports WAV and other formats in 192 kHz/24-format
Bit, and DSD 11.
2 MHz, although the firmware update is required for DSD.
Players have many built-in features
In the video codec, you can get the best quality possible from services such as Netflix and other built-in services
From technology to advanced standard definition and high definition
4 k definition content.
The player also has processing capabilities that make the most of HDR content when playing on a standard dynamic range TV.
At the end of last year, Sony launched VPL-
VW675ES projector, but although it was only a few months ago, the company\'s goal was to surpass itself on the new VPLVZ1000ES.
With native 4 k resolution and HDR compatibility, the company\'s latest projector has a brightness of 2,500 lumens and can project images up to 100 inch from 6 inch m away. “The VPL-VZ1000ES Ultra-
Short projection projector is a real gamechanger.
Everyone wants a bigger screen, but not everyone can find the space for it.
Sony through this new generation of ultra-
Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics, said in a statement: \"Short-shot projectors . \".
\"Now, it\'s possible to launch 4 k HDR quality 100-
Inch or even 120
There is no need for a dedicated media room with an inch display in your home room.
VPL-measure about 36x20x9 inch and weigh about 77 pounds
The VZ1000ES are not accurate, but it is still small enough to work in most rooms without dominating them.
Because it can be placed in front of all the people who are watching, shadows and blocking --
One of the most annoying problems with projectors --
This is not a problem.
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The price of the VZ1000ES is $25,000, although the price is lower than expected, it will start shipping on April
Authorized Sony retailers can already order.
So far, Sony has not announced the price or availability of UBD.
X800 Ultra HD Blu-ray-
TV series X930E/X940E.
See Sony website for more information.
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