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sony launches new walkmans, h.ear headphones, and more at ifa 2015

by:XY Screens     2020-02-14
So far, Sony has shown the world\'s first 4 k resolution Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone and Xperia Z5 and Compact Z5 Compact phones at the ongoing IFA 2015 trade show.
However, due to the introduction of the new Walkman model, the company has not yet completed.
Headset, 4 k Android TV and portable short-range projector.
At the beginning of IFA 2015, the Japanese technology company launched two Walkman-Northwest-A20 and NW-ZX100HN.
The company claims that the two portable music Walkman devices have dsee hx software that allows media players to raise low bit rate audio files to a level that is \"near High\"res\" quality.
Bluetooth and NFC connections are also included in the media player, but for some reason the new Walkman model missed Wi-Fi connection. The NW-
The A20 model is further divided into two variants-NW-A25HN and NW-A27HN. While the NW-
A25HN includes 16 gb of built-in storage, northwest-
64 gb storage comes with A27HN.
Both support microSD card slots and support up to 128 GB cards. The NW-
The A20 walkman model features digital noise cancellation, LDAC Bluetooth streaming, and comes with the company\'s new H.
Ear range for noise canceling headphones-MDR-NW750N and MDR-
The two activities were also announced during the event.
Both devices have 2. 2-inch QVGA (320x240 pixels)
Resolution color TFT display with white LEDbacklight.
Weighing 66G, the variant measures 44x109x9mm with a rated battery life of up to 50 hours while listening to mp3 files and listening to \"hi-Res Audio\'.
While the 16 gb version will have color variations in black, blue, pink, red and orange, the 64 gb version will only be black. The Sony NW-
ZX100HN is the latest member of the company\'s ZX Walkman series. it features 3-
Inch TFT color LCD display with QVGA (
400x240 pixels)resolution.
Battery life of Sony northwest-
ZX100HN has a rated life of 45 hours while listening to 24-bit/192 kHz FLAC audio files.
The device is also equipped with Hi-
Res noise canceling headphones.
The Walkman has a built-in 128 Gb storage, which can be further expanded through the microSD card (up to 64GB).
The device will be available from next month.
Sony Walkman has no news about the price of portable media players.
Sony has also launched a 4 k Ultra HD X90C Android TV, making its debut at CES 2015 as the world\'s thinnest 4 k TV.
Sony X90C 4 k TV has three screen sizes55-inch, 65-inch and 75-
Inches, where only the first two can be purchased in the selected area.
55-in the UK-
The inch model costs £ 1,999 and £ 65.
The Inch model costs 2,999.
Both models are powered by Sony\'s own 4 k Processor X1 and 4 k X.
Reality Pro enhances content by adjusting color, contrast, and brightness.
In addition to triuminos display technology, the TV also uses Motionflow XR.
Users can also view compatible 3D Blu-ray
Ray movies, online videos, etc.
Some other Android TV features include access to Google Play, Google Cast, Google Voice Search, HDMI, screen mirroring, etc.
As for the specifications, 55-inch and 65-
The inside of the inch model is almost the same.
The only significant difference between them is power consumption and screen size.
Both provide an 89-degree perspective. While the 55-
The size is 123. 2x71. 2x3. 9 cm (without stand)and weighs 18. 4kg, the 65-
The size is 145. 1x83. 5x3.
9 cm, weight 23. 2kg.
Sony not only launched Android TV, but also launched H. ear (
Pronounced \"hear \")
Folding headphones
Different color variants-
Gray yellow, green blue, charcoal black, pink Bordeaux and red chocolate-the over-the-
It is said that the headset is the best headset to play Sony\'s 24-bit Hi-Res Audio.
The headset has a low impedance of 24 ohms and has 40mm HD drives in a frequency response of 5Hz-60,000Hz.
The headset comes with a free tangled flat head
The weight of the designed cable is about 220 (
G without cable).
They will sell for $200 and will be available in November.
Also in H.
The ear series is h. ear in NC\' in-
Headphones, you can also use headphones of the same color as H. ear over-the-Headphones.
One of the key features-
The headset is that users can turn on the \"artificial intelligence noise elimination\" function to make H.
The headset in the NC headset evaluates the background noise level and automatically selects the best settings based on the user\'s location.
The device includes a frequency response from 5Hz to 40,000Hz and features a 9mm high-
Sensitivity drive unit.
It has an impedance of 32 ohms and is in-
According to Sony, the headset can run for 16 hours over a period of time.
Sony also launched the LSPX-
P1 portable ultra short projection projector.
Although Sony did not give details of the projector, it did point out the portable battery
With built-in projector
In the Speaker, the user can listen to the accompanying audio when viewing what the device throws on the wall or on the table.
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