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sony showcases new technologies to inspire customers at infocomm 2019

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Sony presents new technologies that inspire customers in the growing portfolio of professional products and solutions at InfoComm 2019, enhancing collaboration and interaction at corporate, educational, entertainment and health centers
Orlando, Florida, June 12, 2019.
, June 12, 2019/PRNewswire /--
InfoComm Show booth 2200--
Sony AtInfoComm 2019 is presenting A/V, demo, and display technology to collaborate, interoperable, cost-effective for attendees-
Provide effective and streamlined operations for the business, education, entertainment and healthcare markets.
Visitors to Sony\'s booth (2200)from June 12-
14 will have the opportunity to participate in products and solutions
From monitors and projectors to PTZ cameras, interactive educational tools and audio experiences-
Design with customers to meet their specific needs. Sony logo (
PRNewsFoto/Sony Electronics)
Sony\'s theme is \"achieve your vision\", which reinforces the company\'s commitment to working with customers to address challenges and provides the most attractive and inspiring technology to help them enhance their vision.
\"Sony has a rich heritage in creating quality, reliability and cutting --
Edge technology for consumers and professional markets, \"said Theresa Alesso, president of Sony Electronics\'s professional department.
\"At InfoComm, we are highlighting the latest technologies designed for the changing needs of our customers, integrators and resellers.
Whether it\'s a classroom, conference room, museum or entertainment venue, Sony offers solutions and a dynamic ecosystem to help customers grow and enhance their operations.
\"At the show, attendees can experience the latest sonyproduct and solutions, including: enterprise and education solutions oAI-
Based on Edge Analytics devices: Sony\'s first artificial intelligence (AI)
Video analysis solution based on REA
The C1000 allows users to create video content in real time without the need for specialized training, additional staff or equipment.
Small and light REA-
The C1000 that can now be used uses its advanced artificial intelligence
Based on video analysis technology, analyze the input received from the connected camera and automatically extract the focus object to combine it with other images in real time.
This unique technology uses motion/face detection and color/shape recognition to achieve
The C1000 is a powerful brain for any connected camera and AV settings.
This technology allows organizations
Create Professional, engaging content effectively.
Optional features include hand-written extraction and presenter overlay, keyless color CG overlay, PTZ Auto-tracking, focus area clipping and closureup by gesture. oIP-
Based on the PTZ camera lineup: following the recently announced 4 k BRC-
Newly released SRG-X400 cameraX400 and SRG-
X120 to join the Sony FHD series (
Full HD)PTZ cameras.
Camera with wide viewing angle supports IP and is equipped with NDI®| Implement the HX ^ 1 function with an optional license.
NDI | HX options offer unprecedented flexibility in simplicity and costeffective IP-
Real-time production system when combined with other NDI
Compatible hardware or software anywhere in the network.
The new camera is compatible with Sony\'s Edge Analytics devices.
Both new models have a 4 k upgrade option-this is the first of the PTZ cameras.
OLaser projector: new VPL-FHZ75 (6500lm)and VPL-FHZ70 (5500lm)
Meet the growing market demand for bright projection in medium-sized environments such as universities, companies, churches, museums and entertainment facilities.
Provides the WUXGA resolution, both using the newly developed 0. 76-
Inch LCD panel with built-in optical compensation for bright, vibrant images with amazing contrast, real black and accurate imagesto-
Life color reproduction.
Both models are equipped with a new and innovative \"smart settings\" feature that simplifies the installation process by automatically selecting the best configuration based on the project environment.
OBRAVIA 4 k professional monitor: Sony\'s series of professional monitors for braavia 4 k in sizes from 43 to 85-
Inches is ideal for digital signage, information and monitoring applications, and ideal for meeting rooms, classrooms, lobby, hotel rooms, showrooms, retail spaces and stadiums.
These models offer powerful benefits including network and serial communication controls, flexible installation and high brightness, and cloud options
Based on digital signage.
Display also has fullin-
A system on the chip can be easily installed without additional hardware.
OVision Exchange: Sony\'s intuitive and easy-to-use flagship interactive collaboration and active learning solutions create an immersive environment for lecturers, students and colleagues to work, learn and brainstorm together
The benefits of visual switching include BYOD wireless sharing, improved business communication and distance learning via Skype, and smart personal notes and annotation capabilities.
Latest version of Vision Exchange-Version 1. 3—
It will be exhibited and displayed for the first time at Sony\'s InfoComm exhibition.
Considering the early adoption of customer feedback, version 1.
3 provides improved operating workflows and enhanced features, such as the ability to open and close the host and each pod at the same time, and the ability to automatically save the snapshot to a USB drive plugged into the main device or pod.
OUbiCast interactive video learning solution: Miris Netcapture software and Miris video platform from Sony and UbiCast provide simple-to-Use of the network
Learning experience based on lectures.
The UbiCast solution can also be integrated with Vision Exchange to create more engaging video content.
The new Miris Netcapture, combined with Vision Exchange, provides a flexible, scalable solution for educational organizations
Effective simultaneous implementation of interactive lectures and Lectures capture.
Miris Netcapture records streaming content from Vision Exchange and transmits it to UbiCast\'s Miris video platform to edit, manage and distribute videos through a video player dedicated to social learningThis network-
Content-based capture solutions eliminate the need to equip each room or lecture hall with its own recording equipment.
Instead, Miris Netcapture is permanently located in the server room and is equipped with a visual switching device to dynamically capture the required classroom.
OCrystal LED display system for entertainment solutions: sony immersive Crystal LED Display System-recently won the 2019 monitor Industry Awards Information Display Association-thanks to the use of ultra-fine optical elements, accurate color reproduction and nearly 99% black surface area, provides an amazing contrast of 180-
Angle of view.
Its modular features enable the Crystal LED display system to accommodate almost any size or aspect ratio.
The technology is currently used in professional applications such as company exhibition halls, retail, R & D centers, museums and studios, and is installed in more than 50 locations around the world.
At the show, The Crystal LED will be presented in a configuration of 8 K x 4 k to showcase the spectacular 8 k lens.
The new feature of InfoComm is Sony\'s Crystal LED display system, optimized for the lobby and reception environment in a longitudinal configuration. The eye-
Sony\'s booth will be on display at an 8-foot price. x 15 ft.
It shows its versatility and applicability in the enterprise market.
OSonic Surf VR immersive space audio solution: Sonic Surf VR audio technology will be more
Channel speakers, displays, and specially developed software designed to simulate sound placement, movement, and partitioning in one space.
The result is an interactive area where the sound moves freely in one space to create an immersive experience.
At InfoComm, the content will be displayed, guiding visitors where to move, so that they can visually track and enjoy an immersive audio-visual experience. oVPL-
GTZ240 2,000 lumens native 4 k projector: VPL-
The GTZ240 is compact and affordable, expanding the Sony 4 k projector to cost-
Consciousness or space
Limited applications such as simulation and use in Planetarium.
This compact projector features the latest Sony native 4 k ssem camera and Z-
Achieved high brightness of up to 2,000 lumens.
Brightness and color temperature of VPL-
GTZ240 has been pre-
Adjusted to reduce the adjustment time of multiple adjustmentsprojection.
The projector also offers a new \"pulse\" mode with black inserted to reduce fast blur
Move the scene with less brightness.
Healthcare solutions for content management systems (CMS)
: Sony\'s CMS is a simple, secure and comprehensive way to manage surgical videos and still images from one central location.
It allows the network-
Search, edit, store and distribute 4 k, 3D and HD videos based on Sony medical video recorder and other compatible recording devices.
Users can watch a recording of a computer or ipad, or even watch real-time surgery to achieve near-real surgery
Time view of staff and residents entering the operating room.
ONUCLeUS integrated digital operating room platform: NUCLeUS is the intelligent digital operating room platform for ORs today.
This is an open, scalable and vendor neutral Videoover-
IP platform to transform the efficiency of surgical workflow.
The system has an intuitive touch screen interface that instantly routes any image source to any destination without having to re-
Connect the device.
It allows users to boot multiple video sources at the same time in a combination of any format and resolution.
NUCLeUS has nothing to do with the device, format, and resolution, dealing with HD, 3D, and 4 k sources from manufacturers of various models.
Video and audio are distributed almost in real time.
Time for centralized storage and cross-hospital viewing through a secure standard IP connection.
Each signal can be recorded at the same time, and there is no longer a limit on the signal that can be recorded.
The system enables surgeons to control a variety of image sources in the operating room, input from endoscopes, ultrasound streams, and PACS workstations to fluorescent mirrors, etc.
For more information on Sony\'s latest expertise, please visit booth 2200 at InfoComm 2019 on June 12-14 or pro. sony.
Sony video products and solutions-
Electronic video products and solutions in the United States-
The Americas Group develops and manufactures video and audio technologies and solutions for a range of professional applications.
These include radio, television and film production, live event production, ENG/EFP, digital film photography, etc.
Sony\'s expertise has been applied in segments including media solutions, imaging solutions, education, visual simulation and entertainment, theaters, healthcare and sports. Visitpro.
More information.
About Sony Electronics
Sony Electronics is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation in the United States and a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. Japan)
One of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world, with a portfolio of electronics, music, movies, mobile, games, robots and financial services.
Headquartered in San Diego, California, Sony Electronics is a leading electronics product for consumers and professional markets.
The business includes R & D, engineering, sales, marketing, distribution and customer service.
Sony Electronics has created innovative and innovative products such as awards
Alpha replaceable lens camera and revolutionary high
Resolution audio products.
Sony is also a leading manufacturer of high-end products. to-
From 4 k professional broadcast and A/v devices to the ultimate solution for industry-leading 4 k and 8 k Ultra HD TVs.
For more information, please visit.
1 NDI®Is a registered trademark of NewTek, Inc.
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