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Sound is also 3D-3D cinema sound system revolution

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
The theater sound system has undergone major changes in the past year, and all of this can be felt in the recent blockbuster movies. In the movie '1942'In the three bombing scenes, whether it was the plane sliding overhead, the machine gun shooting, the shouting of people, or the ground explosion, they all created a powerful and oncoming effect. By pushing the sound of soil to the sides and front Move a little bit to let the audience feel the explosion of air waves. The soil falls on you and spreads next to you. At the same time, the plane flies overhead. These kinds of sounds can not interfere with each other and bring the audience more realism. Effect.' said Wu Jiang, the sound engineer of the '1942' movie. By using Atmos technology, a real environment is created to immerse the audience. Recent domestic blockbusters that also use Atmos include 'Blood DropsIn the past few decades, sound design has been limited by the horizontal dimension, and has not been able to find a breakthrough in designing a better sound environment. At the same time, the display technology has undergone earth-shaking changes. 3D and 4K have greatly improved the immersion of watching movies. Therefore, the phenomenon of the disconnection between the sound and the picture has become more and more serious, especially in 3D movies, when the picture reaches the audience, the sound is still far away. The past 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound is obviously difficult to meet the new demand. It was not until the design of the vertical 3D sound effect that the cinema audio technology had a revolutionary change. Through the multi-dimensional sound space, a truly immersive effect was created. The aforementioned Dolby Atmos is one of the 3D sound effects technology. Dolby Atmos greatly enhances the audience experience on the basis of 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems by adding sounds from the top and sounds from independent sound sources in the theater. Simultaneous transmission of up to 128 lossless audio inputs (channels or objects), and can present content from 5.1 to 64 independent speaker feeds. Filmmakers can control independent sound elements through these audio objects, regardless of the speaker configuration (including the top speaker). Dolby Atmos also improves the efficiency of post-production, allowing mixers to efficiently record creative intent, and then real-time monitoring, or automatically generate Dolby 7.1 surround sound and 5.1 surround sound version of the content. Dolby Atmos technology has received a enthusiastic market response once it was launched. Globally, many production companies, including Hollywood, have adopted Atmos for more than ten films, and Atmos theaters are also being built in many places around the world. Another influential 3D audio technology comes from Barco. Barco's Auro-3D, which was launched in November 2011, also developed a vertical height sound system based on 3 axes (xu003dwidth, yu003ddepth). , zu003dheight) three-dimensional sound field design, the viewer feels the sound comes from the surrounding and above, so as to get the closest real situation, completely immersed in the 3D environment. At the same time, Auro 11.1 3D is fully compatible with existing formats. During the production process, 11 channels will be used to collect live soundtracks. After collection, they will be mixed into one file. If the theater has 5.1 channels, the sound will be restored to 5.1 channels. The 11.1 channel will also be automatically recognized and restored to 11.1 channel. This provides sound designers with a convenient and most compatible method to collect and restore live sound. Auro-3D provides content producers with affordable processors that can maximize stereo effects and are compatible with other processor products on the market. On November 6, 2012, Barco and DreamWorks have officially signed a cooperation agreement. DreamWorks Animation will adopt Barco's Auro 11.1 3D audio standard in all the latest 15 animations. For an emerging technology, the cost issue is the primary challenge. The cost is not only related to the theater's screening and installation, but also to make the theater affordable, but also to enable the producer to produce and distribute at the most appropriate cost. The current 3D audio technology can basically guarantee compatibility with the existing system of the theater, avoiding additional costs. In addition, content is also very important. If there are not enough film sources, investment will be meaningless. Now Barco and Dolby are also actively seeking cooperation with content providers to ensure that there is enough content while deploying more screens. support. The efforts of Barco and Dolby have given new possibilities for the development of cinema audio. This truly immersive experience will allow more movie audiences to enter the cinema for this reason.
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