Spend a few hundred yuan more to buy a projection screen, and a few thousand yuan less to buy a proj

[Spend a few hundred yuan more to buy a projection screen, and a few thousand yuan less to buy a projector] Aolong

by:XY Screens     2021-11-09
For a long time, people pay more attention to projectors and light projection screens. To produce effects, you have to buy high-end projectors. It doesn't matter what screen it is equipped with. You can deal with it by buying a white plastic screen (mostly as a gift). It sounds right. But if you spend a few hundred yuan more to buy a set of high-gain projection screens, you can match a projector with a lower brightness, which can save a few thousand yuan under the same effect. Why not? In addition, the price of low-bright bulbs is cheaper, and in the long-term use, it will continue to save you thousands of dollars. In addition, projectors with low brightness tend to be more energy efficient, not only saving electricity bills, but also in line with the national energy strategy. In addition, low-brightness projectors usually generate lower heat, which can reduce the greenhouse effect.
   In short, buying a good projection screen not only saves consumers money, but also has good social benefits. If you buy a high-end projector with a low-end projection screen, it is like buying a good house, but the decoration is inferior, which makes people feel tasteless.

Metal screens are undoubtedly the best among many projection screens. In the past, only foreign manufacturers could produce them, and their high prices (for example, the retail price of SONY 100-inch spherical metal screens was as high as RMB 30,000), which made it impossible to popularize. At present, domestic metal screens with performance completely exceeding those of foreign products have been developed at home, and the price is only 1/10 of that of foreign products, and there is no maintenance cost. The service life of the metal screen is more than 10 times that of the glass bead screen. The same effect of the projection system, the price of using a metal screen is much lower than the price of other screens. The design and production of the metal screen is quite beautiful and elegant, and it is even more high-end. At present, the good metal screens on the market mainly include South Korean Moko metal screens and domestically produced Aolong metal screens and Baoshi metal screens.
Aolong metal screen is the third generation of projection screens. Compared with the early white plastic screen and glass bead screen, the Aolong metal screen is more prominent in brightness, clarity, contrast and color reproduction. The indoor constant light projection is completely realized.
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