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Spherical projection application case: large-scale performance and technology exhibition

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
Large-scale performance: The 'Blue Earth' at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games. The 'Earth' was designed by the famous British stage designer Mark Fischer. It is currently the world's largest three-dimensional circular stage with 4 sets of high-brightness digital projections The equipment projects a blue home where we live together. The huge lifting sphere, which took a year to design, build and install, is one of the most difficult media to project. The sphere has a diameter of 18m (59ft), weighs about 16 tons, and is raised to a height of 24m (79ft). Spherical projection is used in large-scale performances     weighs 16 tons, and the 18-meter-diameter Dream Earth is spliced u200bu200bby 8 projectors based on spherical modeling with a fusion degree of 12.5%. The application of picture splicing has very high requirements for the image of the projector. Only when the brightness, color, and uniformity have highly consistent performance, the splicing of edge fusion can perfectly achieve the consistency of the picture and color.   Science and Technology Exhibition: At the 2010 World Expo, the biggest highlight in the World Meteorological Museum is the 'Small Ball World'. Say it is a bright spot, not because it is bright, but because it is the most vivid, intuitive, interactive, and most technologically rich display product in the World Meteorological Museum, which will brighten the eyes of visitors. Although it is called a 'small ballSpherical projection is used in science and technology exhibition     This is a three-dimensional sphere with a diameter of about 2 meters, which dynamically shows the meteorological changes of the earth. According to observations, this should be achieved by using spherical seamless projection. Four projectors project the film content from four sides and achieve seamless connection. The effect is very sci-fi. Spherical projection is used in science and technology exhibitions. Visitors can manipulate the content of the display and its trajectory through the remote control in their hands. Global topography and landforms, annual changes in global temperature, global satellite cloud images (including the evolution of major weather systems), the day and night changes of the earth, the lunar surface conditions, the occurrence of solar flares, and so on. Two words, magic!    Summary: Spherical projection has a wide range of applications, which can be used in popular science education, exhibitions, advertising, entertainment, and system integration. It is stylish and beautiful, and is a high-tech display product that can achieve 360-degree spatial imaging performance. It has the characteristics of bright colors, a sense of space, perspective, and the formation of aerial illusions. It is like an endlessly changing magic ball in the hands of a wizard, dynamic and dreamy. Its creative projection display method brings us infinite shock.
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