Spherical projection reveals creativity and promising prospects for a wide range of applications-XY

Spherical projection reveals creativity and promising prospects for a wide range of applications

by:XY Screens     2021-08-25
The 'past and present' of the magic sphere. Spherical projection shows creativity. This is a magic sphere. It uses the seamless splicing technology of large-scale image content on the curved surface to realize the panoramic image of the special curved surface or even the spherical surface, giving users an advanced technological experience. This kind of projection form is technically difficult and demanding, and belongs to a relatively high-end projection technology. Users can perceive the content of the sphere projection in 360 degrees, increase the user's information acquisition, and provide an excellent performance platform for some things that can be better performed on the sphere (such as the company's globalization strategy, etc.). Magic sphere’s 'past and present' spherical projection display creative digital projection ball is also a multimedia projection spherical display device, it is called many in the market, such as: inner pitching, outer pitching, entertainment image ball, multimedia digital planet, digital ball, Rear-projection balls, etc., these names refer to digital projection balls, and they have different names according to the use occasion, purpose and projection method. The 'past and present' of the magic sphere The spherical projection is creative.     The spherical projection is like a magical ball in the hands of a wizard, dynamic and dreamy. Multi-channel edge fusion software is used to realize the splicing and correction of large-size images on the curved surface, eliminating the deformation of the projection screen on the curved surface, forming a panoramic image of a special curved surface or even a spherical surface, bringing an unprecedented dream experience. Appropriate use of spherical projection on the basis of these concepts can achieve visual effects far beyond the reach of flat display, and at the same time make the display more intuitive and easy to understand.   Multi-channel edge fusion software: Early projection applications were mostly single-channel output projection, that is, '1 projector u003d 1 screen'. However, as the market's demand for large-screen displays expands, the image quality and size of single-channel projection can no longer meet the needs of many occasions. Therefore, we began to develop multi-channel edge fusion software. Through multi-channel output and fusion, the pictures of multiple projectors were spliced u200bu200bonto a large screen, which greatly increased the size of the picture without losing the definition, and it was also a special-shaped projection. (Non-planar projection) provides a solution.
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