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Staff one-day trip to Shenzhen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-19
The autumn is clear and the sun is shining. On September 23, the company organized all employees of the factory, some family members, Shenzhen office, and some employees of Weikete to go to the beautiful South Australia for a one-day trip to relieve work pressure and provide a platform for communication and communication. . At 8:00 in the morning, the employees gathered on a full day off, and a group of 61 people drove to the destination. Under the game of drumming and passing flowers, everyone sang and laughed all the way, and soon reached the first stop-Guanyin Mountain. There is a century-old Longyan ancient temple on the mountain, and there is even a sight of Longquan. Everyone watched the ancient temple and prayed for luck; drinking celestial water to meditation on well-being. The second stop-Yangmei Hang. The place where the rich and powerful people gather in Shenzhen----Longcheer Yacht Club is located here. Along the coastline of about 5KM long, colleagues or two in pairs, or alone, ride on bicycles, get off and enjoy the scenery, and sometimes The three of them 'drag racingAfter the exercise, we did some refurbishment, and we lived in Xichong Beach, known as the 'Oriental Hawaii'. After a simple barbecue, everyone fills up their stomachs, or goes to the sea to play in the water. More people have started the most anticipated 'live-action CS field'. CS field is a fashionable military sport that integrates entertainment and training. It uses a modified laser simulation gun and sensor system. Participants wear camouflage uniforms and hold simulated guns in the jungle, ruins and trenches to prepare for battle. It is like a real battle that gives people incomparable excitement and sense of accomplishment. All the colleagues were divided into two teams of the Red Basket, and they carried out the 'annihilation warUnder the leadership of Commander Sun Zhiming, the red team won the entire battle with an absolute advantage of 3:00. Seeing all the sweaty colleagues, listening to everyone discussing the gains and losses on the battlefield, everyone will smile heartily. I believe that as long as we use the energy of the battlefield in work and in our lives, there will be earth-shaking changes and our lives will be better!
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