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Stage LED display design requirements and misunderstandings in use_LED high-definition display | LED large screen manufacturers |

by:XY Screens     2021-08-21
Because of the particularity of the stage LED display, it has extremely high requirements for its stability at work. LED lights, driver ICs, power supplies, power signal connectors and other materials are the key factors that determine the quality of LED screens. Therefore, when selecting materials, we must strictly control the relevant tests and verify the various functions of LED displays. Require. Therefore, every link of the system control scheme has a hot backup function, including video sending and receiving equipment, signal transmission cables and so on.   It can ensure that when an unexpected condition occurs in a certain part of the system, the system can automatically diagnose and switch to the standby equipment at a very fast speed, and the whole switching process will not affect the display effect on the spot. In the structural design, while ensuring that the cabinet is beautiful and fashionable, it must also ensure a good heat dissipation method and a fast splicing method.   Let's analyze the common misunderstandings of the stage LED display. 1. The abuse of LED high-definition displays destroys the lighting effects of the stage performance area. The production and use costs of LED screens are gradually reduced. Many creators blindly pursue the concept of 'panoramic video stage beauty' and use LED screens in stage design. What's more, all dance sceneries are replaced by LEDs. However, many creators have ignored the reality that LED screens can easily bring huge light pollution to the stage. When the stage is designed and produced and the overall lighting is synthesized, they have regretted it.  In the overall design of the show, lighting plays a huge role. It can make the whole stage present a magical sense of space and layering, making the overall visual presentation more rich and interesting. In the traditional stage design, the only light source is the lighting system. The director, lighting engineer, and stage artist can work together to create a unique stage space using lighting. However, when LEDs are used in large quantities, the situation has changed dramatically. In addition to the lighting system, the luminous source in the stage space also has a variety of self-luminous LED screens. LED screens are used in the playback of various video materials because of The change of the picture constantly changes its luminous intensity and color. This characteristic makes the lighting control on the stage more complicated, and the combination of light is also more challenging.  2. The lack of a sense of space in the video stage design of the stage LED display screen restricts the visual extension of the performance scene.    Compared with traditional stage art techniques, the biggest feature of the use of LED display technology and video stage art is the creation of the second space. Through a variety of unique 3D technologies, the director can create a virtual visual space through the large LED screen. This space is combined with the real space on the stage, which can greatly expand the visual space of the performance scene, allowing the audience to have a sense of time and space. Very rich stage visual effects. But in fact, when most of the party’s creative teams use LED screens, they still regard it as a traditional two-dimensional scene, instead of treating it as a three-dimensional space. The final stage visual effect is not only To maximize the advantages of the LED display, but also to lose the characteristics of traditional stage design and production, the gain is not worth the loss. 3. The use of LED display screens that only take care of the whole and disregard the part of the LED display make it difficult to broadcast TV. The basic components of the TV screen are the lenses of different scenes, in simple terms, they are panoramic, medium-range, and close-ups, while live performances take into account More is the 'panoramic' effect. Many creative teams often only consider the 'big effect' of the panoramic view when designing and producing the stage art, and lack of consideration for the mid-range, especially close-ups, required for television broadcasting.  While many large-scale evening parties are held on the spot, most of them will put forward the demand for live broadcasting through TV. At this time, the creative team of the party should not only consider the live performance of the party, but also take into account the communication characteristics of television. 4. The abuse of the real scene of the stage LED display has caused a huge conflict between the video stage and the content of the program. The continuous upgrading of LED display manufacturing technology has made many production teams and organizers love the 'high-definition' feature of the screen and are creating In the process, it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding of 'a small loss of a big one'. In order to reflect the characteristics of the high-definition screen as much as possible, producers are often keen to play a specially shot real-life video on the live video wall as the background stage. For example, in a song and dance program, a large number of urban landscape pictures and humanistic life pictures are broadcasted to achieve the combination of the artistic interpretation of the program and the reality of the screen, but the result is counterproductive. Stage performances pursue a high sense of form, with color, light, and formation as the length. Most of the live-shot videos are too rich in colors. Using it as the main background of the stage will actually interpret the form of the stage program. It caused great damage and caused the audience to have a sense of confusion of 'not coming over' and 'don't know where to look'. The original stage LED display was designed to enhance the design of the program, but in the end it brought a huge impact to the audience. The impact also violated the basic principle of stage design and production to serve the program.
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