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by:XY Screens     2021-09-10
The rooster dances to bid farewell to the old year, and the golden dog celebrates the new year. Today is the starting day after the year! The whole company was filled with New Year's greetings, and everyone returned to our common home with joy. Early in the morning, the company's leadership team waited for all the family members to return home with red envelopes in hand. We know that what is sent here is not only a red envelope, but also the company's blessing and encouragement to us. We hope that we will be healthy and work smoothly in the new year. In the first morning meeting of the Year of the Dog, everyone was eager to count. When singing the national anthem and war anthem, the voice was unusually loud. If a dog is to be used as a metaphor, then today's people are all Tibetan mastiffs. The leaders of the company also sent their blessings one after another, and the applause in the audience was even higher. Everyone is responding to them with applause, wishing them good health and all the best. The Year of the Dog is here, I wish you all my friends, everybody, everybody in the Year of the Dog, everybody is woof
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