Step by step, choose the most ideal projection screen reasonably Projection screen purchase common s

[Step by step, choose the most ideal projection screen reasonably] Projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-07
Step 1 Choose the type of screen: electric screen, wall-mounted screen, tripod screen, air rising screen, desktop business screen, curved screen, swing screen, aluminum frame screen, soft and hard perspective screen.
Step 2 Choose the format of the screen: The screen has a variety of screen formats, such as 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, etc. You can choose according to the purpose of use, and special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.
Step 3 Determine the size of the screen. Three elements that determine the ideals of the screen:

Determine the width of the screen
A The ideal viewing distance should be equal to the diagonal of the screen. The width of the B screen can be calculated according to the line of the screen: 4:3: W u003d diagonal × 0.8016: 9: u003d diagonal × 0.872
Determine the height of the screen
4:3 format: heightu003dwidth÷4×316:9 format: heightu003dwidth÷16×9
Leave room margin
Leave a margin of space around the installation of the screen, and the bottom edge of the screen should be about 0.71-1.25m away from the ground. Example: You need to buy a 100' electric screen and choose 4:3 screen format. The size of the screen can be determined according to the formula: the width of the screen u003d diagonal × 0.8 u003d 100' × 0.8 u003d 80' × 25.4 u003d the height of the 2030mm screen u003dWidth÷4×3u003d80” ÷4×3u003d60” ×25.4u003d1530mm
Space and venue required for screen installation:
The height is greater than 2.5mm, the wall width is greater than 3m
If the venue where you need to install the screen meets the above conditions, and the brightness of the projector is about 1000Lm, you can choose a 100' ultra-fine glass bead electric screen with a screen gain β≥3.0 to increase the brightness.
Step 4 For the selection of screen material, select the ideal screen material according to the data of different screen materials in the table, combined with the brightness and installation environment of the projector you are using.
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