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Strong demand for high-quality large-screen displays in home entertainment drives home

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
In recent years, the projector market has shown new characteristics-from the previous focus on the business and education market, it has gradually shifted to the home and engineering projector market, especially in the home market showing a strong momentum of development. An analyst from Shangpu Consulting's home appliance industry pointed out that in recent years, my country's economic development has driven the family economy. People are keen to enjoy the comfortable life brought about by the economy, and the popularity of home projectors continues to rise. The popularity of 3D technology has also driven the home projection market. 1080P home projectors with 3D functions have shown explosive growth. From 2010 to 2012, in just two years, the power of projectors entering home theater has defeated color TVs and occupied the peak of the market in one fell swoop. The continued warming of the home projector market is firstly due to the strong demand for high-quality large-screen displays in home entertainment. With a home projector, people can avoid the cumbersome travel, queuing, buying tickets, etc., and directly enjoy the experience of watching a movie in a movie theater. At the same time, with the advancement of technology, projector prices continue to drop, making it possible for more home users to buy projectors. In terms of technology, the application of new light sources, the emergence of short focus, and the maturity of micro-projection chips all bring new vitality to home projectors. The emergence of new light sources effectively solves the problem of projector service life. A projector with a new light source has a life span of tens of thousands of hours. The short-focus lens allows the projector to project a large one-hundred-inch screen at a short distance, allowing those with insufficient housing space to realize their projection dreams. The maturity of the micro-projection chip allows the projector to get rid of the large and rigid body of the past, and it is very convenient to carry, and it can also project a big picture anytime and anywhere during business trips and outings. Another improvement factor that cannot be ignored is the 3D effect of the projection. In the home projector market, new products using 3D technology continue to emerge. With the maturity of the 3D market, the opening of 3D channels, and the increase of 3D film sources, 3D projectors attract more and more people's attention. Now, home projectors have functions such as watching videos, listening to songs, playing games, reading e-books, and browsing pictures. They can even have a built-in CMMB or directly connect to a set-top box to put on a TV. Compared with TV sets, home projectors are easy to move and can break through the traditional film and television space; and there is no radiation, which can fully protect pregnant women and myopia; it also has the characteristics of low energy consumption. According to relevant research reports, the development of home projectors allows people to enjoy all the fun they can enjoy in theaters at home. With the advancement of technology, it is believed that in the future there will be more affordable products that are more tailored to the needs of consumers, and the entire market will continue to heat up.
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