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Stunning LED display technology_China LED display industry|OLED display use|Huaze

by:XY Screens     2021-08-20
The development of science and technology has brought great convenience to people, and it has developed many unheard of 'high-tech'. These high-tech are the use of powerful technology combined with software and hardware to achieve stunning LED display effects. There are magical features like science fiction! Including improvements and upgrades based on existing technology and product experience. At the same time, it also refers to all the new hardware, new software, new technology, new technology, new materials, etc. that make everyone feel 'unclear' in life. These new technologies are also profoundly changing China's LED display industry. They are more or less involved in the LED display market and bring people a brand new visual experience. Some of their appearance may promote the further development of the LED display industry or bring to the original LED display technology. New threats are urging the continuous innovation of LED display technology, but in any case, as a member of the LED display industry, we should have a positive attitude of paying attention and learning to new technologies, and continue to absorb and integrate, and promote the LED display industry. development of. Let's feel the charm of 'high-tech' together! AR augmented reality AR is a technology that can calculate the position and angle of the camera image in real time, and attach the corresponding auxiliary image or virtual image through the computer, so that the virtual and reality can be displayed at the same time. Complementary and superimposed to enhance people’s sensory experience. VR Virtual Reality VR is the abbreviation of Virtual Reality, that is, virtual reality. It specifically refers to a brand-new human-computer interaction method created with the aid of computers and the latest sensor technology. Virtual reality technology is a computer simulation system that can create and experience virtual worlds. It uses a computer to generate a simulation environment, which combines multi-source information to form an interactive three-dimensional dynamic scene and entity behavior system simulation, so that the user is immersed in the environment. The ideal VR has the perception that all people have, in addition to the visual perception generated by computer graphics technology, there are perceptions such as hearing, touch, force, movement, and even smell and taste. Before 3D holographic projection, we often saw such images in sci-fi movies-the hero waved his hand, and some three-dimensional images appeared out of thin air, or he had a dialogue with the hero, or listened to the owner’s instructions to make something action. Today, this kind of science fiction movie plot has become possible in real life, and it is the 'holographic projection technology' that realizes it. Holographic projection technology, also known as virtual imaging technology, is a technology that uses the principles of interference and diffraction to record and reproduce the true three-dimensional image of an object. The holographic projection suspends the three-dimensional picture in mid-air, which is a real spatial imaging, and the scene is also illusory and real, beautiful, as if it takes the viewer to another world. In addition to generating three-dimensional aerial phantoms, holographic projections can also allow phantoms to interact with people around them, producing amazing performance effects. OLED display technology Light and paper-like display screens-OLED displays have been paid attention to by the industry as soon as they were born. This display technology has self-luminous characteristics and uses very thin organic material coatings and glass substrates. When current passes, these organic materials will emit light, and the OLED display screen has a large viewing angle and can greatly save power. At the same time, the plasticity of OLED displays has caused recent changes in the use of displays. This is because OLED displays can not only use glass substrates, but also bendable plastic materials, which will expand the use of OLED displays.
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