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Subvert the screen tradition and break the curse of gain and perspective

by:XY Screens     2021-08-12
From April 13th to 15th, the 20th Shanghai International Advanced Hi-Fi Presentation (SIAV2012) was held at the Pullman Shanghai Skyway Hotel. This SIAV is the largest in history, using more than 120 rooms on 8 floors and more than 200 exhibitors. Many of the latest technologies were displayed, and there was a surging crowd at the exhibition site, and there was an endless stream of audio-visual enthusiasts coming to the exhibition. Screen brought the company's latest products 4Ku00263D nano HD screen and 3D woven transparent screen to participate in the exhibition. Among them, the 4K nano HD screen and Sony's 4K projector became the biggest highlight of the exhibition. As we all know, in the world of screens, the screen gain is inversely proportional to the viewing angle. The larger the gain, the smaller the viewing angle, and the smaller the gain, the larger the viewing angle. However, the 4K screen released by the screen broke the curse. According to the company’s vice president Yue Biao, the gain of the 4Ku00263D nano high-definition screen exhibited this time reached 1.3-1.4, and the viewing angle was almost 180 degrees, which means that the basic There is no restriction on viewing angle, and the fineness of the screen shot on the screen is by no means comparable to that of ordinary high-definition screens. I stand on both ends of the screen and look at the screen. There is no color attenuation at all, and there is no solar effect on the front. The entire screen is like a huge LCD TV. Another 3D weaving sound-transmitting screen also breaks the convention. Passive 3D conventions must use high-gain 3D metal polarized screens. In order to better reflect the sound penetration in home theaters, the company perfectly combines the weaving sound-transmitting and 3D screens. Together, it brings a brand new concept to the field of 3D screens. In this exhibition, the passive 3D movies played have caused countless experiencers to stretch out their hands to touch the scenery in front of them.
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