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successful fundraiser for digital projector keeps sidney\'s star cinema in business

by:XY Screens     2019-11-17
If Sandy Oliver\'s iconic smile looks wider than usual these days, there\'s a good reason.
The owner of Sidney\'s Star Cinema and her firm manager Lindsay Poole and staff are breathing a jubilant relief as the retired community\'s beloved twin cinema is at Star events.
\"People came up and hugged me in the street and congratulated us, but it was all because they stood up.
\"It\'s really sweet,\" Oliver said . \" His fundraising campaign, which began in last May, has reached the target of $185,000.
Because the price of the digital projector has dropped since then, Oliver has lowered it from $200,000.
\"They are very excited to continue doing this in town,\" Oliver said . \" Fifteen years ago, Oliver\'s sister, Caroline Lewis, and two other partners opened a family in the bingo hall on the first three streets.
Lewis died in last May after fighting cancer.
\"It\'s very important that they tell us that they don\'t have to drive to Victoria.
\"The grassroots movement has sparked strong support from the community to prevent Hollywood movies from being in 35-
Millimeter print.
Buying a second digital projector is critical to its survival.
\"It\'s not just a theater.
This means more for people, \"says Popple, who has allocated her time to work at the Victoria Women\'s Sexual Assault Center and film company, where she has been working since she was 16.
Donations will also be used to cover additional improvements to new theater seats, carpets, signage and quaint films
Part of the house consisting of volunteer tickets-
Inspired by customer input, it is known for booking movies and alternative shows.
Oliver recalled that community support, from small donations at the franchise counter to garage sales, concerts and sponsorships, could hardly contain her gratitude.
\"I went in on Tuesday morning and had an anonymous donation of $3,000 ready to apply,\" she said . \".
Oliver praised volunteers like Susan West Moscow for helping the star survive, and they helped customers before the show.
Donations include $10,000 from the market Family by Yates founder Ernie Skinner;
$10,000 from MP Craig mills in North Sanic;
The artist Joyce Mitchell donated $5,000 and the Deep Bay market donated $800 to the pot.
New digital projectors and comfortable theater seats will arrive from Mexico by the end of April, Oliver said.
\"The arms are up, so each seat can be a double seat,\" she said . \" Capacity will increase from 300 to 275, she added.
Oliver has heard from will.
Become a buyer of 30-year-
The star bought old theater seats from Odeon.
\"Some people want to play in the home theater,\" she said . \"
\"I haven\'t thought about it, but we are open to suggestions.
Even though Mark lijack and Cora amborne
Lijek will be a special guest at two special screenings of Star Argo on Saturday, and they can be forgiven for leaving before the movie starts.
It\'s not just because the Anacortes couple in Washington have seen Ben Affleck\'s Oscar-
Win the Iranian hostage thriller
At the Hollywood premiere.
They really survived.
Lijeks, then in the middle of them
Americans in their 20 s are two of six Americans. S.
On 1980, embassy staff impersonated Canadian filmmakers as part of a well-planned scam by CIA agent Tony Mendes to help them escape the Iranian hostage crisis.
The couple, played by Christopher Denham and Clea Duvall in Argo, will have a Q & A after the screening hosted by the Sydney sisters City Association. The Lijeks —
When the Iranians attacked the United States, he avoided his arrest. S.
Embassy in Tehran, November.
1979 Americans were taken hostage.
Hiding in places including American families. S.
Consular Officer Robert G. Anders (
Tate Donovan plays on the screen)
A residential area in Britain before a shelter for Canadian diplomats was provided.
As of Thursday afternoon, the number of pre-sale tickets for 10 a was limited to $10. m. showing. Call 250-655-3384. The 1 p. m.
The screenings were sold out.
The couple will recall their truth.
Life experience 30 years ago, and how they compare to movements from Mendes perspective in Affleck beatsthe-clock thriller.
Looking forward to guest: Canadian courage and CIA\'s memoir of magic, author Mark lijack once again thanked his Canadian hosts.
He will probably recall morale.
The hospitality of Canadian immigration officer John Shelton has been strengthened, he is a friend of Anders, he is absent from the movie \"Jack Lee laments\" and then-
Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor
As of Thursday afternoon, the number of pre-sale tickets for 10 a was limited to $10. m. showing. Call 250-655-3384. The 1 p. m.
The screenings were sold out.
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