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Suffering is wealth or humiliation

by:XY Screens     2021-08-21
At a party, the famous car dealer Ayton recalled to his friend, Churchill, who later became the British Prime Minister, his past --- his parents died young, and it was his sister who helped people wash clothes, did housework, and worked hard to raise him. aldult. But after his sister got married, his brother-in-law sent him to his uncle's house. Aunt is even more mean. When he was studying, he stipulated that he could only eat one meal a day, and he had to clean up the stables and cut the lawn. When he first worked as an apprentice, he couldn't afford to rent a house at all. He spent more than a year sleeping in a disused warehouse in the suburbs...  Churchill asked in surprise: 'Why haven't you heard this before?' Ai He laughed and said, 'What is there to say? People who are suffering or getting rid of suffering have no right to complain.' This car dealer who has been frustrated in life and has suffered for a long time said: 'There is a way to turn suffering into wealth. Conditional. This condition is that you have overcome the suffering and stayed away from it and no longer suffer. Only at this time, suffering is a wealth of life you are proud of. When others listen to your suffering, they don’t think you are thinking about it. Suffering will only think that you are strong-willed and worthy of respect. But if you are still in suffering or have not gotten rid of the entanglement of suffering, at this time you can say that you are enjoying suffering, it is tantamount to asking for cheap mercy or even begging. ......' Ayton's words caused Churchill to revise his creed of 'love suffering'. He wrote in his autobiography: Is suffering, wealth or humiliation? When you overcome suffering, it is your wealth; but when suffering overcomes you, it is your humiliation.
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