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Summary and related introductions on the classification of naked eye 3D technology

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
Recently, with the application of glasses-free 3D technology on smartphones and the advent of new 3D mobile phones, glasses-free 3D technology has once again attracted the attention of many people. What exactly is naked-eye 3D technology? The 3D movies we saw in the cinema Does it belong to one of its applications? What are the classifications of naked-eye 3D technology? A series of questions are used in people's minds. Next, we will give a simple answer to these questions. First of all, with regard to naked-eye 3D technology, it refers to a technology that allows us to see three-dimensional images and experience three-dimensional effects with our own naked eyes. The 3D movies we watch need the help of 3D glasses when imaging. Naturally, it does not belong to the application ranks of naked-eye 3D technology. So what are the real glasses-free 3D technology classifications? The glasses-free 3D technology classification 1: Light barrier type glasses-free 3D technology. This sensory technology mainly means that in order to achieve the visual difference between the left and right eyes of human beings when looking at things, a series of vertical stripe barriers are formed by the action of the polymer liquid crystal layer and the polarization mode. When the light of things passes through them, A corresponding visual barrier will be formed. In the stereo display mode, the right eye will not see the image seen by the left eye, and the left eye will not see the image seen by the right eye. The strong visual difference results in 3D Visual effect. Naked eye 3D technology classification 2: Cylindrical lens naked eye 3D technology. The so-called lenticular lens technology refers to the adjustment so that the plane image on the LCD screen is above the focal plane of the lens, so that the picture under the lenticular lens will be divided into multiple sub-pixels and appear through different directions. When your eyes are viewed from different angles, they will see different sub-pixels, resulting in a strong visual difference between the left and right eyes when looking at things, thus forming a three-dimensional effect. In fact, in addition to the light barrier type naked eye 3D technology and the cylindrical lens naked eye 3D technology, there are two real naked eye 3D technology classifications, one is the direct imaging naked eye 3D technology, the other is the pointing light source naked eye 3D technology, but compared In terms of the two glasses-free 3D technologies we have introduced, both of them are more widely used in daily life, and we believe that the light barrier glasses-free 3D technology and the cylindrical lens glasses-free 3D technology will be more widely used in the near future!
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