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''Take you to the World Cup

by:XY Screens     2021-09-30
Are you ready to watch the World Cup this year? Hey hey, what do you think the editor is doing lately? ? Of course it was watching the game on the big screen in the living room! The 2018 World Cup in Russia kicked off the battle. 32 teams, which lasted 32 days, a total of 64 games. Who will you watch the World Cup this summer? Which team do you support? Don't miss the exciting schedule. Tell you a big thing! Watching the World Cup on the big screen is so cool to give you a set of pictures to feel. So, do you choose to watch the football game with a beer alone at home or scream for your favorite team in the large-screen movie hall with everyone? ? ps: Prepared this year. A batch of light-resistant hard curtains and a batch of light-resistant soft curtains are ready for everyone to buy, and there will be special discounts during the World Cup! To be honest, I used to not understand that those who stayed up all night and cheered to watch a football game in those years always thought they were a little crazy until they were dragged by their friends and watched a game. The release of the pressure on the field may not like football, but I think there is always a big bag of potato chips and draft beer in your life. When the moment of carnival explodes for a goal, the super big screen! Super clear viewing! It's like watching a ball on the spot! ! In the next summer, I will go forward and retreat with everyone crazy and seriously watching a football game. This is the summer, no matter whether you are a real fan or not, you will definitely want to stop facing the big screen of the theater level.
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