Talk about the adaptability of glass bead fabric screen and white plastic screen fabric Projection s

[Talk about the adaptability of glass bead fabric screen and white plastic screen fabric] Projection screen purchase common sense

by:XY Screens     2021-11-05
Glass bead fabrics and white plastic fabrics are the two most commonly used materials for making projection screens. If the projector needs to project the best effect to meet the needs of the audience, it is necessary to choose different screen fabrics according to different environments and supporting equipment.
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For a class of equipment with relatively low light output, such as a slide projector, a glass bead (GLASS BEADED) fabric screen with a higher reflectivity (gain) parameter should be used; for most of the current high-brightness and high-resolution projectors, In order to achieve the best projected vision of the projector, glass bead fabric screens with higher reflectivity (gain) parameters than white plastic should also be preferred.
The following is a comparison table of the basic performance parameters of these two materials:
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   In addition, the corresponding size mode (ratio) must be selected for the projection format of each projection device. If the aspect ratio is 1:1, it is suitable for slide projectors; 4:3 mode is suitable for PAL, NTSC Standard and VGA signal projection equipment; 16:9 mode is suitable for HDTV high-resolution televisions; In addition, for wide screens and movie theaters, it is better to choose a size ratio of 1.85 or more.
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