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Talking about the difference between 3D, 4D, ring screen and dome theater

by:XY Screens     2021-08-29
In 2014, the film industry developed rapidly, and movies appeared in various forms. Promotions and reports of 3D movies and 4D movies can be seen everywhere in the market. Various cinema concepts such as 3D cinema, 4D cinema, ring-screen cinema, etc. are full of attention in the brochure. , Then what are 3D cinema, 4D cinema, ring cinema and dome cinema? I will briefly introduce it.  3D cinema: Everyone should have an experience of 3D cinema. The current 3D price of cinemas is moderate, but it is difficult to say how the 3D effect is. The 3D special effects of many theaters do not have clear three-dimensional images as they say, coupled with multi-channel digital stereo, bring a strong sense of presence. The editor once went to a small theater to watch 'Chinese Zodiac'. When I put on the 3D glasses, there is only one feeling: it is better not to wear it! First of all, the effect of 3D glasses is really average, and there is no such thing as myopia glasses. In addition, glasses It's too heavy and it's uncomfortable to press on the bridge of the nose. Of course, the 3D glasses equipment of large theaters is still very qualified, at least in terms of visual effects, it can satisfy the general public. Ring screen theater: Compared with ordinary theaters, the ring screen theater equipment is more high-end. It adopts cylindrical projection. The audience is in the center. The long span allows the audience to have a panoramic view of all the pictures. The arc of the cylindrical projection screen is 180 degrees, 270 degrees. It can be designed according to the specific conditions of the theater. The omni-directional stereo sound system enhances the auditory experience of the ring screen theater. Only with excellent visual equipment and top-notch audio equipment can the best effect of the ring screen theater be guaranteed.   Dome theater: The dome theater is also called the dome theater, which is more magnificent and magnificent than the ring theater. The viewing effect has reached a new level. This special high-end cinema equipment is usually used in science and technology exhibition halls, astronomical museums, etc. At present, this kind of dome theater is also popular in ordinary theaters. The audience can also enjoy the special treatment that only high-end venues have in the past.   4D cinema: 4D cinema equipment cooperates with 3D cinema effects, through simulation equipment combined with movie plot to simulate the real environment to achieve immersive experience. The audience can feel the wind, water, smoke, snow, thunder, earthquake, car crash, air wave, explosion, shooting and other special scenes in the movie plot in the theater, thus creating a real state extremely similar to the film environment.
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