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Team military development training

by:XY Screens     2021-09-19
On the morning of April 29, the blazing sun was shining brightly, and all screen employees were ready to go, gathered at the company's door early, and under the company's organization, went to the new Long March military practice education base to participate in outdoor development training. Next, please follow the text of the editor and take a look at the different styles of people. The team style is displayed at the beginning of the expansion. In order to maximize the significance of this training, the coach divided the company personnel into five teams and asked the players to select each team. The captain and deputy captain of the team. Each team showed their own team style one by one! (Flying Eagle 1 Team, Dream Team, Bright Sword Team, Clan, Flying Eagle 4 Team) Survival Island Survival Dragging Competition, Fetching the Ball from the Air, Trusting the Back Throwing the Intelligence Grid Success Wall Team Summary, touching the moment people, we are the best , Always the best! After this outreach training, each of us knows how to put our own position, in the team, we must not only give play to our strengths and wisdom, but also understand our own strengths and weaknesses. His body is not upright, and he has no way of self-reliance. Therefore, in our daily work and study, we must put ourselves in a correct position, do not set limits to ourselves in advance, and do not put high hats on ourselves. We must be good at facing ourselves, tap our potential, and do well in a down-to-earth and real manner. Do your own job. Although the outreach training is over, we have created a team atmosphere during the training, cultivated a sense of teamwork, and challenged ourselves at the same time. This outreach training allows us to always remind ourselves that we must believe in ourselves and always maintain a positive attitude towards life and teamwork spirit! In the future work, we must apply the experience from the outreach training to actual work, and use our expanded heart, passion and will to face every new day and every task. Pass the spirit to everyone! Screen    company currently launches 'home theater screenAnnouncement: We are now recruiting agents/distributors all over the country. If you are interested, please contact us. Tel: 400-000-3925 Wechat: Screen official website: Sina official Weibo: The happiness of screen screen comes from sharing and sharing the circle of friends, so that friends can grow together! Recognize the QR code to open the new horizon and follow the public account. Participate in the lottery prizes: first prize, second prize, third prize First prize: 3V110 inch 16:9 electric screen Second prize: Notebook Third prize: Cup lottery rules : 1. There are two chances to draw a lottery every day, and each time consumes 1 point. The points can be obtained in the check-in in the micro SHOW under the WeChat public account. 2. Learn knowledge, read the official account soft article, follow the official account to reply to the lottery, click on me to start the activity! Participate in the lottery.
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