technavio announces top nine prominent vendors in the global light projector market until 2020-XY Sc

technavio announces top nine prominent vendors in the global light projector market until 2020

by:XY Screens     2019-12-10
Technavio announced the top nine well-known suppliers in the global light projector market until 2020 Technavio announced the top nine well-known suppliers in the global light projector market in its latest research report.
The market research predicts that the global light projector market will exceed $15 billion by 2020.
To identify leading suppliers, market research analysts at Technavio believe this is the biggest contributor to total revenue in the market.
The report includes a technology-based market segment for optical projectors, as well as a detailed discussion of current scenarios, growth prospects, and possible challenges for each segment during the forecast period.
Request sample report: \"As of 2015, the value of the Pico Projector Market was $2.
21 billion, $9 is expected.
To 2020 Growth 38 billion composite growth rate more than 33%.
Pico projector is considered a cost
Effective solutions for global SMEs.
The average cost of the Pico projector is 25% lower than the fixed-Mount projector.
It has a high aesthetic appeal, which makes it messy
Businesses and Education departments can also choose for free, \"said Soumya Mutsuddi, one of the chief analysts of media and advertising research at Technavio.
\"As technology advances in the future, Pico projectors will be easy to connect with smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and cameras.
In addition, these projectors are expected to be integrated with wearable electronics and heads
\"Show up,\" added Soumya.
With the emergence of many global players such as Canon, Epson, JVC and Sony, the global light projector market is highly competitive.
In market share, the top four are the majority of the main players.
However, there are nine other well-known suppliers who are ready to take advantage of the market growth outlook over the next five years.
Leading supplier of the top nine in the global light projector market: AAXA Technologies was established as a developer of a new projector called micro and Pico projectors.
Its core technology is the use of small LCoS and DLP imagers that match laser sources and LEDs.
Acer is from the United States-
Companies with expertise in manufacturing desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets and projectors.
The projector section is further divided into travel, basic and home entertainment.
The company\'s revenue in the projector sector is more than 70% from EMEA sales, and the US company Minki produces projectors for classrooms, home theaters and offices.
It has the highest share of projector in India, at 19%.
Hitachi digital media Hitachi produces LCoS projectors under its subsidiary Hitachi digital media.
It offers LCoS projectors under the series name CP sx5600.
The company produces and supplies industrial tablets, motherboards, SBCs, embedded systems and digital signage players.
LG Electronics is a South Korean company based in Seoul.
It produces a variety of electronic equipment.
Its LCoS projector includes lg cf series names such as lg cf 181D, while LG CF3D is its 3D variant with six pairs of polarized 3D glasses.
Samsung Electronics with 2013 market share and leading
Sales models like Rex include smartphones such as mobile phones and Galaxy Grand and Note 2.
Projectors are a popular product for developing high-end products.
Quality Pico projector. Samsung SP-
H03 is one of the leading Pico projectors in the market.
Toshiba is a multinational enterprise group in Japan.
The company divides its business into five areas: healthcare systems and services, community solutions, energy and infrastructure, electronic equipment and components, and lifestyle products and services.
Its flagship product in the field of projectors is TDP-
The mobile LED projector F10U is relatively expensive, but the contrast of 800: 1 makes it competitive.
WowWee develops innovative robot products and hi-
Consumer electronics technology
Cinemin slice, the company\'s leading Pico projector, can project multimedia devices containing movies, photos and games to walls or ceilings.
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