Technical advantages of high-gain front projection screen splicing solutions Technical introduction

[Technical advantages of high-gain front projection screen splicing solutions] Technical introduction

by:XY Screens     2021-11-04
With the maturity of the technology of front projection optical screens, front projection optical screens have overcome the interference of ambient light on imaging images. Even in bright indoor environments, their imaging effects have been comparable to optical rear projection screens. On the basis of this technology, the optical front projection splicing solution has gradually become a new force in the splicing of large screens. Compared with the rear projection splicing system, the front projection optical screen splicing has the following technical advantages:
   1. The construction is simple and quick, and the maintenance cost is low. The projector is installed with a front ceiling, which saves installation and debugging time.   2. The projector is front-facing, no need to reserve a rear projection room, saving valuable space.  3. The image has no geometric distortion, and there is no need to use mirrors and short-focus lenses to reduce the projection distance. Generally, standard lenses are configured. The geometric distortion of standard lenses is the smallest (close to 0) of all mirrors.  4. Since there is enough space to use a standard lens, a good brightness uniformity of the picture can be obtained.
System connection diagram

Scope of application     Shopping mall advertising demonstration/monitoring   Land and Resources Bureau/Real estate trading center   Army command center, combat office, training center   'Three defenses' command center   Enterprise product display   Bank monitoring system   Weather system   Securities system   Security bureau/Security center  
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