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technology and multisensory learning: a new twist to an old application

by:XY Screens     2020-02-12
12 classrooms are developing rapidly. Of K-
86% of teachers believe that educational technology is essential in the classroom, and 96% believe that educational technology increases student participation.
Despite the support of teachers, only 14% of people use digital courses and 31% use other technical resources.
The disconnect between what teachers really want and what they actually have is a question of access, money, and time resources.
In addition, any technology that is considered \"cutting-edge\" usually brings some red tape.
Getting approval for new equipment requires not only funding
Teachers often need to convince them that this is indeed necessary and will have an impact on their teaching results.
I am very familiar with this company recently.
It believes that the AV and wireless projector system is to overcome the K-12 classrooms.
AV system of short projection projector (
Projector not included)
It has applied modern projection classroom technology that has existed for decades.
Projector system with built-in
In wireless receivers and streams, sound and HD content (
Up to 1080 pixels)
From the 131 feet.
Teachers can connect up to five audio-visual input devices (all wirelessly)
Including their computers, tablets, DVD players, MP3 players and even VHS tapes.
Teachers do not have to switch between media devices, nor do they have to deal with all the wires that follow, but instead can simplify the way content is projected from many device sources.
Teachers can also play their own audio in a real way
Time through the microphone, even if they are facing the classroom with their back, playing audio from the source --
Allow students to hear any audio played by the teacher. Peerless-
AV gave up a high of it
Through a competition, 27 entries from teachers from all over the country were seen.
The winner was a special education teacher from Ludlow, Kentucky named Christine goodpost.
She reported that after the implementation of the wireless short-projection projector AV system and its audio, her student retention and engagement increasedVisual features.
In 2011, only 72% of high school graduates in the Goodpaster area studied for a university degree, and she believed that-12 classrooms.
\"For teachers who want to incorporate more technology into the classroom, my advice is not to be afraid of this change.
For each lesson or chapter in the textbook, I suggest to consider the most effective way to present this information for the best students who learn through physical activity or visual stimulation, whether it\'s video, interactive games, infographics, or images, apply at least one of these elements to the classroom every day. \"
For me, unparalleled
AV Wireless short projection projector AV system is an intelligent way to mix all available audio together
Visual techniques used by teachers.
It not only simplifies many parts into a process, but also increases the level of participation of students who come into contact with it.
The study found that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than processing text alone, and visual learning aids in classrooms can improve learning comprehension by 400%.
It is also widely believed that it is best for students to learn subjects through multi-sensory methods.
Simply reading the content on the page has less impact than seeing the same information that presents vision and sound.
The adoption of multi-sensory learning, where possible, is an effective way of teaching that can make full use of each student\'s understanding of the material.
I like the idea of realizing the product of collective learning through technology.
Putting an iPad or other tablet in the hands of every student is a huge push, and while I support this for some reason, I also think, the segmentation of too many learning processes eliminates the inherent benefits of the classroom.
If each student spends his or her class time on a customized personal learning track, then why is it in the classroom?
If the technology is correct, students can get all the learning they need on their own, but something is lost in this achievement: learn from the people around you and receive other educational ideas to empower yourself.
An unparalleled product like this
The AV Wireless short projection projector AV system leverages existing technology and multi-sensory learning to combine these things with the public learning process.
It allows teachers to speed up or slow down the course if needed, but keep the class\'s attention in the process.
It is easy to use and reduces the heavy weight of multiple audio
The visual system and its wires.
As more classroom technologies evolve, I would encourage companies to look for ways to make the work of teachers easier.
Instead of introducing something new, figure out how to simplify the technology that teachers already use --
Simplify multi-sensory learning.
What technology makes your teaching easier?
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