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Technology Improvement Gray Screen-The Choice of Home Projection Screen

by:XY Screens     2022-02-13
Gray screens are often referred to as 'high-contrast screens' because they can absorb and filter more ambient light than white screens (white screens do not have this function), so that the black level on the screen can be maintained. White can still remain white, while black becomes darker due to the reduction of ambient light interference, which directly causes the gap between black and white contrast on the screen to increase, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the contrast. Although the projection screen cannot improve the contrast level of the projector, it promotes 'conscious' contrast. Since the projector cannot project black content, it is actually the lack of light you see. The appearance of the gray screen enables the black to be better restored on the projection screen, and the white can still be maintained, which is why we call it 'high contrast'.

In an optimal viewing room, the projection screen is reflective, not the environment. It is related to the overall reflectivity of the screen and the light level of the surrounding environment. In the case of compared to the screen, the light around the screen may dominate. Examples of this are planetariums and virtual reality cubes with front projection technology. Therefore, some planetarium dome-shaped projection screens choose to be painted in the gray dome room to reduce the degradation of the sun and the mutual reflection of the projected light to affect the image display. The gray screen design, relying on a powerful image source, can produce sufficient brightness levels. Therefore, the white area of u200bu200bthe image still appears white, using the brightness non-linearity perceived by the human eye. Therefore, the potential improvement from a gray screen may be best achieved in a dark room where the only light is projection. The gray screen technology has been greatly improved in recent years from partial to popularization. Gray screens are now available in various gains and gray levels.
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