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Ten years

by:XY Screens     2021-09-21
Ten years-Song Yanping from the Finance Department left school and started working for ten years. In ten years, in addition to being a wife and a mother, he has also forged an indissoluble bond with him.   Joined on March 8, 2004, engaged in commercial work in Guangzhou Office. At first, I was very unfamiliar with the terms 'screen' and 'business'. The early understanding of 'silver screenI don't know what job the title of 'Business' does? It was Manager Chen who taught me patiently at the time. I was lucky enough to meet him also majoring in accounting. It is rare to meet a good mentor in my life. He taught me a lot of knowledge and made me go from knowing nothing to knowing nothing. I gradually learned that the main tasks of 'business' are: daily expense reimbursement, placing orders for factories, warehouse management, processing running accounts, reconciling accounts with customers and collecting payments, answering and receiving calls, etc., mainly financial work. In the more than two years of the Guangzhou office, July to the end of each year is the busiest. In addition to meeting customers, salespersons and managers have to deliver goods, install and do maintenance, and spend very little time in the office. Often when I am alone in the office, the phone and doorbell rang at the same time, which caught people off guard. It was the busyness at the time that made me know how to be organized.   On July 17, 2006, he was transferred back to the factory headquarters and took a trip from Guangzhou to the bus bound for Shenzhen. When I got off the bus at Shajing Passenger Station, I saw Yang Jun. The weather was very hot. Yang Jun had been waiting at the station for a long time. He helped me take the trip and took me back to the factory by bus. The scenery in front of me was so unfamiliar. After getting off the bus and walking for a while, I quickly arrived at the factory industrial park. As soon as he arrived at the gate of the company, Mr. Zhang happened to be at the front desk. He saw me walking in three steps and two steps to help me take the trip. His heart was moved and he felt extremely warm! When I first returned to the factory, I was not used to or familiar with everything. Whether it was daily life or working mode, I was a bit unaccustomed to the dormitory at the beginning. After all, I have not lived in a dormitory for more than two years. I slowly adapted to this kind of life. With the guidance of colleagues at work, I gradually became familiar with it. Let me understand that there is a big difference between an office and a factory. The office is mainly responsible for sales and facing customers, while the factory is mainly for production and service for the office. The financial department is not a simple running account and warehouse management, but a complete set. I learned a lot from my financial work.   For some reason, I chose to resign in May 2011 and returned to the big family in February 2013. Coming back is like going back to my mother's house. It makes me feel so kind and warm. The company will always be such a positive, responsible and motivated enterprise! It is for these reasons that I choose to come back again and work hard with others to make myself grow better and more stable!   It has been almost eight years since joining, transferring back to the factory, leaving and returning. Ten years after graduation, the company cultivated who I am today. I am grateful to the company, its managers, and colleagues. There are several decades in my life, and I would like to use my efforts to do better and more detailed work! It's a big warm family, you can't make a wrong choice!
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