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The 10th ICIF and the 1st Phoenix Mountain in 2014 (Spring)

by:XY Screens     2021-10-12
Forum overview: In May 2014 (during the Shenzhen Cultural Expo), the screen held the first ICIF Phoenix Mountain (Spring) Forum at the scenic Phoenix Mountain production base. The main guests in the dialogue were Professor Li Jianfeng from Renmin University, Professor Liu Guangling from Tsinghua University, Mr. Tu Yanfa from Zhonglian International, Mr. Tang Zhiwen from Aokeweiye, Mr. He Yongzhong from Nanning Diling, and Mr. Zhang Xuefei on the screen. The guests of this session discussed the topic 'How to upgrade and transform under the current economic backgroundIn this forum, guests discussed the current situation and characteristics of the current environment facing enterprises and the industry's own development. In addition, this forum's screen team showcased cultural and cultural performances of the screen team, which was praised by guests and dealers! Thematic forum, a collection of guest opinions. Professor Li Jianfeng, Renmin University:    For enterprises, changes in the social environment are both challenges and opportunities. Companies with core competitiveness have the ability to resist market risks. For the screen, a company that has experienced 12 years of precipitation in the industry is also a well-tested company. Relatively speaking, the products of such enterprises are mature, and the teams have 'combat' experience, and they are high-quality resources of the industry. And this kind of company is very popular with investment companies. I am also very optimistic about the screen and willing to inject capital. I am not only optimistic about the prospects of the screen, but I am even more optimistic about this leader, who has passion and dreams! Professor Liu Guangling of Tsinghua University:    To do things, relying on the strength of one person is limited, and the strength of the team is needed. And for a good team, the leader is very important. As Teacher Li said, an excellent team not only creates wealth for the company, but also protects the company from external risks. For a long time, I have been very concerned about the screen. I have spared no effort in team building in the past two years and shared the company’s results with all employees. This is very good and very consistent with the long-term development strategic plan formulated by the screen. For development, there must be a stable team, a team that works hard and perseveres for the team’s dreams.   Finally, Professor Liu encouraged the screen team with a famous saying that everyone is familiar with: In fact, the road to success is not crowded, because there are not many people who insist on it! Mr. Tu Yanfa of China United International:    The importance of profit to the sustainable and healthy development of an enterprise is self-evident. However, the domestic market still has certain limitations, especially for the development of the brand, there will be bottlenecks to a certain extent. Recently, I have investigated overseas markets and found that as long as there are sufficiently good products with outstanding highlights, the overseas market values u200bu200bthe value of the product, which is very different from our price. As a member of the audiovisual field, the screen is just in line with the experience of the visual display box in the overseas market. The product or program itself can directly communicate with customers. During the communication process, it can strengthen the impression of the product and brand, not only for sales but also Brand promotion is very good! Therefore, I think that at present, Chinese companies must go global in order to develop better. This is also the purpose of Zoomlion International and the screen to go overseas.   As a flagship projector model with a color gamut of 128% NTSC, the S2 is fully capable of presenting higher-resolution SLR photos, high-definition videos and 3D visual feasts for experienced enthusiasts and home theater users. Nanning Diling Mr. He Yongzhong:    The era when users are God has really come. The relationship between user needs and products has always been very delicate. In the past, the product guided the user's needs, and then to the choice between the user and the product, but now, the user directly expresses his needs to the integrator or manufacturer. An innovative solution will bring together outstanding manufacturers in the industry to create a high-quality solution provider. The solution has a feature, not only selling products, but an overall solution. For enterprises, as long as the product can satisfy The needs of the plan, then Ok. I have been cooperating with Screen Screen for many years, and I have always had great expectations for its product quality and product line construction. I also hope that Screen Screen will continue to introduce more products and solutions that meet the needs of users, especially in the development of new products. We look forward to more! Screen Mr. Zhang Xuefei:    The screen has always been focused on the silver screen, and only on the silver screen. At present, the screen product line can cover engineering, household, education, business and other fields, and establish a cooperative relationship with Epson, the top brand of projectors.   Since its establishment, we have continued to dig deep in product line construction and new product research and development, and gradually transform from a product provider to an overall vision solution provider. In the future, the screen will continue to maintain the passion for doing business, especially in research and development, will increase investment, perfect integration of high-quality products into visual solutions, allowing users to experience extraordinary visual enjoyment. At present, the screen is still in the stage of development. In the complex environment, we still adhere to our original intention, making human life more exciting is our constant pursuit! Screen signed an overseas market strategic marketing agreement with partners of Zoomlion International After the forum, screen signed an overseas market strategic marketing agreement with Zoomlion International. Guests, Professor Li Jianfeng from Renmin University and Professor Liu Guangling from Tsinghua University, witnessed and participated in the signing ceremony! The core distribution agents of the screen took a group photo at the foot of the scenic Phoenix Mountain and attended a special dinner on the screen. We look forward to the Phoenix Mountain Forum of the 2nd ICIF!
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