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The 18th Shantou Audio Exhibition kicked off today

by:XY Screens     2021-08-24
On November 24, 2017, the 18th Shantou Audio Exhibition kicked off at the Sheraton Shantou Hotel. The exhibition lasted for 3 days. In eastern Guangdong and surrounding areas, the Shantou Audio Show is a gathering place for industry insiders and audio-visual enthusiasts. Over the past 18 years, every year the exhibition has flooded out the industry's black high-tech products, this year the exhibition ushered in the 18th, ushered in her coming-of-age ceremony, which also means that the exhibition has entered the adult period, the exhibition operation will be more mature The mission and responsibility are heavier; this year's exhibition will continue to move forward with a new starting point, new positioning, and new goals. It will continue to work hard to explore new trends in industry development, integrate multiple resources in the industry, and strive to create a new platform to promote industry development. Create a brand-new audio industry communication and display platform for the majority of businesses and audio enthusiasts. The exhibition has more than 40 function halls and rooms on the third, sixth and seventh floors of the hotel, with more than 100 exhibitors, including the fire hall on the third floor. It can be called a feast of communication between vision and soul. The exhibition room of Shenzhen Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. exhibited on the third floor was built into a multi-functional film and television hall. The 120-inch anti-light soft screen was playing demonstration, which attracted a large number of visitors to experience it. Experiencer Mr. Zhang said: The quality of the video is clear and full of colors, the dynamic pictures of high frame rate are not stuck, it is smooth, and the price is very reasonable. I feel that this time it is not in vain. The people who came to experience the visual feast are playing the demonstration of the 120-inch anti-light soft screen. Let’s just go directly to the picture: this exhibition will be jointly exhibited by the four companies of Blue Classic Audio, Hedili Blu-ray player, and Merrill projector. , Support subtitle shift, support 2.35:1 screen, SMB/NFS/NAS/DLNA local multi-screen interaction, smooth and stable UI interface u0026 software, support APE/FLAC/DSD/WAV/SACD. I believe there will be more popular scenes in the next two days, and we will show you our other products without reservation. If you dare to be interested, you can also use the weekend to experience a real visual feast.
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