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The 2019 LED transparent screen market has become a place for many companies to compete

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
Nowadays, LED displays are inseparable from people’s lives. With the continuous expansion of display applications, the continuous compression of the traditional market and the intensification of competitive pressure, the market’s transparent led displays have become a must for many LED companies. . The led display screen is completely different from the traditional outdoor advertising. It is a brand new form of advertising. It is through a certain control method. The display screen composed of an array of led devices can be used to display text, graphics, images, animations, market quotations, videos, and videos. Various information such as signals. This system is used for advertising display, not only the screen has high brightness, high impact, high contrast, and bright colors, but also can display its dynamic animation and text, moving pictures, and active advertising forms, which bring a huge visual impact to the advertisement itself. It has achieved a good advertising effect. From the 1990s to the present, the rapid development trend of LED displays is obvious to all. Indoor LED displays rely on vivid, rich, dazzling and intelligent display effects, plus cost-effective Stable improvement, now it has become the main application product of LED display products. According to relevant statistics, in the past year, although the market share of outdoor led display applications has increased more than in previous years, the main source of growth is due to product innovation and rapid improvement in product performance. It is the increase in product sales. This also means that the previous model of production and operation is a bit out, and it can no longer promote the development of the industry itself.  Transparent LED display market  , LED large-screen advertising form processing must be tailored according to the form relationship of the scenery building. The location of outdoor LED large-screen advertisements is particularly important. In order to get more attention, the advertisements must be clearly visible. Whether the audience is active or passive, it reflects the importance of location. Few people are on the street. When you walk, you will look around, so the LED large-screen advertising should be clear at a glance. With the gradual increase in the problem of outdoor light pollution, the approval for outdoor installation of large LED screens has become stricter, and the removal of outdoor conventional LED displays has occurred in Qingdao, Shanghai and other places, and the living space of outdoor LED displays has been further compressed. In addition, the end customers have stricter controls on the technical standards of the products, especially the impact of structural practical safety and outdoor light pollution problems.   The emergence of transparent led display just made up for the shortcomings of outdoor led display. Its high transparency, invisible installation, indoor installation, outdoor viewing, and high-brightness display characteristics are deeply loved by the market. The transparent LED display not only improves the commercial value of the glass curtain wall, but also creates a new type of outdoor media resources in an environment where outdoor advertising resources are increasingly scarce. It also brightens the city and makes the city greener and smarter.   Therefore, if LED display companies want to further expand the display market, they must improve their product technology and service quality. Some large companies in the industry have entered the transparent display market one after another, and a number of emerging transparent LED display manufacturers have emerged, making this market more active. The concept of transparent display is known to more people and the market has great potential for development. I believe that in the near future, it will be transparently shown that competition in this market will become fierce, and only by controlling the first opportunity can we better gain a foothold in the new market.
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