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The 2019 mid-year meeting was grandly held at the Anhui factory

by:XY Screens     2021-10-10
The mid-year conference was held in Anhui Projection Display Technology Co., Ltd. from July 5th to July 8th. Middle and senior managers from the Shenzhen factory and the Anhui factory, as well as all marketing personnel from the Dubai branch and domestic offices attended the meeting. People give full play to their authentic and pragmatic style of doing things. This conference focuses on product technology and product quality. After listening to the marketing personnel from all over the country, they reported on the market situation in the area they were responsible for, and put forward suggestions and requirements for the company's product development and production based on the company's products and market trends. According to the feedback from marketing personnel, the technical department conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the quality control department, marketing department, after-sales service department, customer service department, marketing department and other personnel on the technical update, promotion and product quality improvement of the product. . Participants at the conference expressed their views on the market and products, and everyone agreed that they should give full play to the advantages of the Anhui and Shenzhen factories, pay close attention to product technology and quality, be pragmatic, and do not sell fake or shoddy products, not shoddy products, and stick to it. Brand technology, brand quality route, follow the brand route belonging to the projection screen market. After the mid-year meeting, the team building activities were held in the ancient city of Shou County and Bagong Mountain. There were colorful exchanges and interactive activities between Shenzhen factory, Anhui factory and departments.
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