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The 4K display concept has penetrated the market and swept the display field

by:XY Screens     2021-10-09
The development status and prospects of 4K display technology. While the public's attention is still focused on the concept of 1080P, FULL HD, and retina in the display field, the propaganda about 4K resolution has been in full swing, and its storm has swept projections, TVs, graphics cards, etc. Many display areas.   The reason why it is called 4K is mainly an industry habit. Many people refer to 1080P as 2K, and 720P (1280×720) as 1.3K, which is mainly distinguished by the number of horizontal pixels in the resolution.   The so-called 4K refers to the resolution, which is 4096×2160. The 1080P that we often mention now has a resolution of 1920×1080. Apple’s latest generation iPad has a display resolution of 2048 x 1536. From the comparison of the above parameters, it can be seen that the 4K resolution is 4 times the resolution of the traditional 1080P display. Compared with the new iPad, its resolution has also increased by 2 times. 4K can be said to be a new standard in the display field. It theoretically represents the most delicate display effect. Of course, the specific effect depends on many factors such as the display material and chip quality. But there is no doubt that 4K still represents a new height. In fact, 4K was rarely mentioned last year, or it did not launch a publicity campaign. However, in the first quarter of 2012, 4K was verbally spoken by many heavyweight manufacturers. For a long time, relevant people in the industry have believed that due to the scarcity of film sources, the rapid development of 4K distance is still far away, but from the current situation, this process seems to have a trend in advance.   Regardless of the progress of 4K replacing 1080P, 2012 will be the first year of 4K taking off. Because starting this year, the number of times the term 4K appears in people’s field of vision will greatly increase. Projector, monitor, TV, chip, and mobile phone manufacturers have all announced their entry into the 4K field this year, thus providing a powerful force for the faster popularization of 4K. support. I believe that in the near future, 4K will become a common parameter configuration in the display field. 4K Projection News    On March 29, 2012, Sony held a press conference in Beijing and launched its stunning 4K+3D projector VW1000ES. This is the first civilian-grade 4Ku00263D product among Sony projectors. Among the entire line of Sony projectors, its positioning is very clear, and it is aimed directly at the high-end market. Since this product has a brightness of 2000 lumens, it can be used in private theaters in villas as well as high-end clubs or engineering solutions. It is hoped that this machine can increase its market share in the high-end market. In the whole year of 2012, Sony will only have this high-end 4Ku00263D product. As Sony’s flagship and product in this field, it will be sold nationwide in April. The market price is 200,000 yuan. Starting from April 2012, another Japanese projection company, JVC, will also launch the 'Amazing Impression of Beauty 4K Image Tour' JVC 4K+3D Home Movie Projector National Tour Demonstration Activity in 20 cities across the country. Netizens all over the country will have the opportunity. Visit the scene in person and feel the stunning shock brought by the JVC 4K 3D home movie projector. As the top three projection screen brand in China, Snowhite, adhering to the style of continuous technological innovation and keeping up with the times, launched 4Ku00263D HD in May 2012 Nano projection screen, and the nationwide tour of thousands of cities began in June. Snow4K Nano HD Vision and WICTOR3D Smart Cinema Experience Event (Guangzhou Station) has ended perfectly. On July 11, 2012, SNOWHITE4K Nano HD Vision and WICTOR3D Smart Cinema Experience Event ( Wuhan Station) is about to start. The excitement is still going on... At present, there are not many 4K theaters in China. Only in first-tier cities can there be a small number of 4K theaters, but the future of 4K theaters will be unlimited.
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