The advantages of interactive projection applications highlight the creation of a new era of multime

The advantages of interactive projection applications highlight the creation of a new era of multimedia teaching

by:XY Screens     2021-09-27
In recent years, with the rapid development of multimedia technology and computer technology, interactive projection has gradually become one of the most important interactive information station tools. The interactive projection technology that integrates human-computer interaction and virtual simulation technology not only creates unlimited commercial value for the majority of users, but also promotes the development of multimedia interactive teaching to a large extent.   Interactive projection system, providing corporate user brand advertising and interactive display effects with creative content. It also provides services for the image enhancement of related units. The interactive projection system is an advertising and entertainment interactive system that integrates the world's highest technology; the interactive projection system provides an unusual and exciting advertising and entertainment effect system, which is suitable for all public indoor places, especially education, leisure, and entertainment. place. The difference between    and traditional electronic whiteboard products   The interactive projection system is different from touch screens and electronic whiteboards. He emphasized that the perception and influence on the virtual world is not about access to equipment or display equipment. In an interactive system, the system is the main body of the environment, the rule makers, and people are only part of the intelligent influence body. The current interactive projection system mainly emphasizes the basic input control and large-scale actions affecting the virtual world. It is mainly cited in the fields of advertising, entertainment, and information display.   The interactive projection system is compared with the electronic whiteboard, and it places great emphasis on material gathering and rule-making in the virtual world. It is a system in which the real world and the virtual world influence and feedback each other. The electronic whiteboard mainly emphasizes the supplement and modification of the virtual information set. It is not that the virtual information collection makes necessary feedback to the real world, but people directly change the virtual information collection and change the virtual world.   Interactive projection can largely replace the function of the touch screen. If the information feedback accuracy and speed of interactive projection are greatly improved, it will have more powerful functions than electronic whiteboards. However, currently, due to the limitations of interactive projection information analysis capabilities and feedback speed accuracy, interactive projection cannot completely replace the functions of touch screens and electronic whiteboards.  Appearance of application value   An interactive projection system with human-computer interaction, interactive functions, and virtual reality functions can change the information display process from a form of passive acceptance to a form of active acquisition and in-depth participation. It creates possibilities for interactive teaching, interactive and participatory advertising applications, etc., and displays information in a more full and voluntary form to be accepted by the audience.   Interactive projection system can easily create an environmental system that can respond to changes in internal conditions. This saves more resources than building real scenes and improves engineering efficiency. At the same time, it is also easy to achieve a series of scene effects that cannot be achieved with existing real materials. Owners of environmental modeling that rely on soft development and real feedback with the real world and their wide application prospects.   Interactive projection is not only easy to build a virtual environment system, but also does not need to dismantle the virtual environment that has been built. It can be described as creating eternal applications once. At the same time, the transformation of the existing virtual environment is also based on software development, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources. As the entire virtual system, routine maintenance is only concentrated on some fixed components and applications, and the comprehensive application cost is extremely low.  The field of interactive teaching is a stage for interactive projection. Relying on the perceptibility of objective reality in content organization, interactive projection can change the mode of pure classroom dominating the classroom, allowing students to fully integrate into the entire teaching experience. It is not only the interaction of information display, but also the interaction of information request, forming a good cooperation between the display system, the classroom and the students. Comment: The biggest advantage of interactive projection is its interactivity. It attracts students' attention in the form of what they love to hear, and it is very interesting. Participants can easily remember the knowledge received by the teacher during the joyful process, and the teacher through this novelty The high-tech teaching method achieved the purpose of imparting knowledge. In our economic era, innovation is wealth, and new selling points will always bring huge business opportunities and profits. I believe those companies that want to upgrade their companies or stores to a higher level and want to reverse their profits will definitely not Miss the opportunity of interactive projection!
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