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The advent of the Internet age, for whom is the spear of the projection industry war?

by:XY Screens     2021-09-26
The advent of the Internet era has 'disrupted' everything. There is no better context for 'the world is always broken, not for happiness' than in the Internet age. The Internet is in full swing affecting everything, such as order, business model, communication model, production model, product service form, thinking model and so on. It is worth noting that everything is in accordance with the established model of the Internet and does not fulfill everything and change everything. No one can escape this best era, and no one can avoid this worst era... The Internet has made Unicom extremely cheap, and information can be stored in people’s hands. As a result, the Internet promotes a large space for people’s consciousness and reality. Amplitude separation. As long as you want, you can get any information anytime, anywhere, about the manufacturer, about the product, and about everything you want to know. In the recent Double 12, the daily sales of household projectors were almost the same as the annual sales of a few years ago. The projector industry, as a business operation model dominated by traditional channel markets, has embraced e-commerce almost overnight in the current Internet raid. This is enough to prove the strength of the Internet, the Internet has the potential to change everything, like a huge magnetic field, attracting everything around it infinitely close. So, does having the Internet mean victory? Suddenly, Hammer mobile phones are almost household names, and so-called sentimental communities and ideal communities were born. However, how to beautify them can not dilute and conceal the problems caused by production, market competition, and product experience. The speed of the Internet does not leave Luo Yonghao time to think and prepare. Here, we might as well use the Internet for success and the Internet for failure. Having said that, I have to mention the hottest laser in the large-screen projection industry nowadays. With the help of the Internet, laser projection display brands and products have swept the entire projection industry overnight. Have you spent enough time thinking about this war-like innovation spear on the day when the technological innovation started? To whom? In the prelude to this eager innovation, people see more that the spearhead is directed at the traditional light source projector products, and the smoke of war that complains about each other covers the sky of the entire projection industry. There is no period in the history of the development of the projection industry. Like today, users can obtain the real shortcomings of the products they use in this way so directly, so accurately, so quickly, and so completely and systematically. The Internet will compete with Pan-China, and centralize and standardize resources between industries. At the moment when cross-industry competition is constantly eroding the projection industry, projection manufacturers should look at the overall situation and raise the spear of war to the market, to users, and to the outside world. aggressor……
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