The application characteristics of home projectors look at the future market development trend-XY Sc

The application characteristics of home projectors look at the future market development trend

by:XY Screens     2021-09-13
Home projectors have always been a lukewarm product in the Chinese market. Although more and more young people have begun to pay attention to this large-screen product in the past two years, this market has not achieved the explosive growth that manufacturers expected. . The market has not grown significantly, and it has a certain relationship with the living conditions of Chinese users' homes, but it also has a lot to do with the weak functionality of the projector itself. Therefore, recent projector companies have also begun to focus on the functional development of home projectors to provide Chinese users with more choices. Speaking of the breakthrough of the projector function, we must first talk about the projector’s need for distance. Traditional projectors generally need a distance of about 5 meters to achieve a 100-inch screen. This is for the living environment of China’s main consumers. It is a bit difficult to satisfy, so the short-focus function has become a major feature of Chinese users. For many users, wireless high-definition projectors are too professional to connect with power amplifiers, stereos, and Blu-ray players. There are a lot of various cables, which is really embarrassing. Moreover, the popularity of smart phones and tablet computers has made wireless connection a development direction for smart homes. ▲Mobile phone wirelessly connects to the projector to play games. For the projector, if it can realize the wireless connection of smart phones and tablet computers to play online videos, I believe it is a pretty good choice for everyone. Compared with 3D TV, the projector can bring a greater sense of substitution and shock to watching 3D movies, but the 3D source is very rare so far, so the 2D to 3D function can be used for home HD The projector brings great temptation. ▲2D-3D conversion menu Although many home high-definition projectors have integrated the 2D to 3D function, but the conversion effect is not very good in many cases, and it does not bring much visual experience to the user. Editor's note: A big factor in the slow growth of projectors is that the home market has not met expectations. The home market is seen as one of the most promising market segments, but in recent years it has not developed as expected by projector manufacturers. However, in the home market, the projection product line has been very rich, with more than 100 models covering 4K +3D, 1080P, laser light sources, micro projectors, ultra-short throw projectors, etc. These latest technologies have been applied to the home projector product line. I believe that as home projector products continue to mature, the prospects are still worth looking forward to.
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