The application of laser engineering projection in exhibitions has huge business opportunities-XY Sc

The application of laser engineering projection in exhibitions has huge business opportunities

by:XY Screens     2021-08-28
The continuous advancement of science and technology has brought many fields into the era of innovation. For example, in recent years, exhibition halls have increasingly used large-screen display technology to better display massive amounts of information, and at the same time, the visual effects are for the public. Bring beautiful image transmission. Among them, large screens combined with engineering projectors are used in more and more places. However, as the application continues to grow, the problem of lamp attenuation and lifespan has become increasingly prominent, which has always been criticized by traditional lamp projectors. The emergence of new light sources has injected new vitality into the market, especially laser light sources which are quietly changing the engineering projection market. The application of laser engineering projection in exhibitions has huge business opportunities. Now in exhibition halls, we often see large-screen display areas. Through this comprehensive video display method, it can bring shocking visual enjoyment to the audience at the same time. More popularize the characteristics of free products and corporate culture. Especially for some economic development zones, in order to attract more large-scale projects, exhibition halls will be specially constructed to show the future planning of the region and related sound services in a three-dimensional manner. At the beginning of the use design, taking into account the high frequency of daily use and the later use cost, there are higher requirements for product screening. Coupled with the government's fiscal tightening policy in recent years, there are even more stringent requirements for large-scale engineering projects. The laser engineering projector is undoubtedly an excellent choice. It has high brightness and long life, provides convenience for subsequent maintenance, and has more advantages in comprehensive use cost. Because in the exhibition display application, most of them use multiple engineering projectors to project a super-large screen picture through splicing and fusion technology. Under long-term use, the brightness attenuation of traditional lamp engineering projectors will cause subsequent use troubles such as distortion of the fusion belt and lamp replacement. The laser engineering projector is expected to solve the above problems well and bring users a maintenance-free exhibition display system. Moreover, due to the low attenuation characteristics of the laser light source, the output image quality maintains high brightness, color saturation and contrast for a long time, and the image color is always as bright as new. This is also unmatched by the bulb light source, which provides a strong guarantee for the improvement of image quality and color performance. In addition, compared with the singularity of large conference rooms and public service places, applications in the exhibition and display industry are becoming more innovative, and special-shaped splicing applications are also increasing. In addition to breaking the conflict design, it is also to attract attention. In order to achieve better publicity effect and maximize benefits. This is also another advantage of laser engineering projectors. The laser engineering projector supports 360-degree installation specifications, allowing the projector to be installed at any angle freely and flexibly, or projected from the side, or erected, and the setting can be installed upside down. . In addition, whether it is in any large-scale place, the most important consideration when using an engineering projector is stability, which is also due to the complexity of its application place. The same is true for the exhibition market. Traditional light bulbs not only have a short lifespan, but also have shortcomings in terms of stability. Once the light bulb explodes, it cannot be used, and the maintenance cost is also high. The laser light source is composed of a large number of dot matrixes. There is no effect if one is destroyed. The user does not have to worry about exploding. The laser light source is risk-free, which also makes it more stable. It is also based on this that laser engineering projectors are gradually being recognized by distributors and customers. For example, Huabo Creative cleverly used Sony laser engineering projectors to upgrade the super-large three-dimensional projection sand table project of Shanghai Pudong Exhibition Hall, so that the system has a better display effect and a more stable working state. The project has become a representative benchmark project in the application of laser engineering projectors in the field of exhibitions. The exhibition and display industry has not lacked engineering projector products for many years. It is also a market segment that many projector manufacturers pay more attention to, and has maintained a relatively obvious growth trend in recent years. But what follows is that the user's demand for engineering projector products is also increasing. With the advantages of maintenance-free, long life, low power consumption, no attenuation, and low heat dissipation, laser engineering projectors will bring users more economical operating costs, and laser engineering projectors can show better brightness and color A new display experience with a wider range, better effects, and more detailed picture quality is what the exhibition industry needs in the future. It has huge business opportunities and will be a direction with great development potential in the next three years or so.
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