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The application potential of laser projection in large places is unlimited

by:XY Screens     2021-08-28
With the rapid economic development, there are now more and more large-scale conferences and lectures. Because of the large number of audiences, these activities can only be held in large conference rooms, hotels, and auditoriums. However, in the face of these activities, there is a huge space of several hundred square meters. , What kind of large-screen display system can achieve the expected effect of the conference? These large-scale meetings generally have very important significance, and in such a specific environment, users of course have more stringent requirements on the display system: large enough display screen, convenient operation mode, reliable stability , The comprehensive use cost of the system, etc. are all issues that must be carefully considered. In the existing projection system, the laser projector can fully meet the needs of such users who are close to 'abnormal' use. The general large-scale conference environment is more complicated, and there are extremely high requirements for the brightness of the projector. We know that the larger the screen projected by the projector, the less the brightness obtained per unit area of u200bu200bthe screen, which means that to project a screen larger than 100 inches, the projector must have a higher brightness level. In addition, large conferences are generally held in hotels, and the lights are usually bright in this environment. If the brightness of the projection screen is not enough, it will be difficult for the audience in the conference venue to see the content displayed on the screen. Therefore, large conference rooms that can accommodate hundreds of people The projector brightness generally needs to reach at least 5000 lumens to achieve satisfactory results, and there is no ceiling. Traditional engineering projectors are limited by problems such as fast brightness attenuation and short lamp life. The comprehensive cost performance itself has a big defect, and if it is in an environment with higher brightness requirements, traditional engineering projectors are even more difficult to meet This projection is in demand. However, laser projectors are not only easy to increase brightness, but also reliable and stable. The output image quality can maintain high brightness, color saturation and contrast for a long time. This is a very critical technical support in important international conferences. Since the multi-screen splicing technology can achieve a wider than usual large picture, which gives the audience a visual shock, many users in large conferences favor the technology of multi-picture splicing. However, Jin Wu No one is perfect, and so are projectors. Although the multi-screen splicing has a very shocking picture, some users have encountered the overlap between the edge of the picture and the picture when the screen and the picture are overlapped. The brightness and tone of the other parts are not uniform, resulting in gaps between the screens. This kind of problem can only let the audience experience the bluntly pieced picture. Due to its own picture performance and brightness advantages, the laser projector can achieve perfect integration of several products without a sense of abruptness, so that every participant present can clearly see the content of the conference display. This is not only a respect for everyone, but also represents the rigorous and serious spirit of the organizer. In addition to large-scale conferences, in the process of building the auditorium, users are most concerned about the control of comprehensive use costs. The follow-up maintenance and lamp replacement of traditional projectors are the most criticized areas by users, and it has also made designers and construction personnel quite criticized. trouble. The laser structure of the laser projector has high reliability, and the life span can reach 20,000 hours. It can be truly maintenance-free for a long time and there is no danger of lamp explosion. It is necessary to know that if there is an accident under such a large number of people, the consequences are unimaginable. The faculty activity center of Beijing Foreign Studies University was extremely lively this year, and the decisive reason was that the school installed a laser projector in the auditorium for everyone. According to relevant sources, considering the actual needs of expanding the size of the display screen, increasing the brightness of the display screen, providing multi-interface support for employees, providing convenient operation and maintenance procedures for maintenance personnel, and reducing comprehensive use costs, this is why we chose this one. A large-screen projection display system that takes effect, cost and stability into consideration. And it turns out that this is a very correct decision! Nowadays, more and more international conferences are being held in our country, and many universities and enterprises favor presentations on large-scale occasions. Its super-large screen projection and professional-level audio-visual presentations make everyone sitting Every audience can feel the extraordinary experience, and the super performance of the laser projector makes the large conference room 'prosperous' completely meet the user's large venue projection needs, the potential is unimaginable.
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