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The benign development of 4K cinemas urgently needs 4K film source support

by:XY Screens     2021-10-09
At present, most digital cinemas in China are 2K, and most of the movie sources are 2K. 4K means the resolution is 4096×2160. With the support of the film source, 4K cinema will bring us an extraordinary visual experience. A good horse with a good saddle can give you more advantages. 4K theaters also need 4K film sources. After IMAX, 4K became another popular way for movie fans to watch movies. However, the number of 4K cinemas is currently limited, and there are only two 4K cinemas in Beijing. At the same time, there are very few 4K movies produced and edited, and most of them are for publicity, education, or advertising. Many slogans claiming 4K movie screenings are mostly gimmicks.   Film source is limited. 4K cinema is just a display.     First of all, let's understand the problem of 4K film source. 4K film source determines the content of the theater. Without 4K film source, 4K theater is just a decoration. Currently, the 4K version of the movies are: 'Spider-Man 3, The number of 4K film sources is really only a few countable.   Although 4K theaters have not been online for a long time, we can still see advertisements using 4K as a gimmick on the Internet. The film source cannot reach 4K, and even if the user comes to a 4K theater, they cannot feel the real effect of a 4K movie, nor can they appreciate the fine detail of the movie.   4K film sources are already pitiful, and its production is difficult, and the final film source costs are high. How many domestic theaters will introduce it? The 4K theater went online, but the film source was not strong enough, and the 4K theater became a decoration. According to people familiar with the matter, most of the current 4K theaters show 2K movie resources.     Downgrade the use of 4K theaters. The cost of 4K theaters is difficult to collect.    4K theaters have been launched. For the current problem of limited film sources, the 4K theaters have to be downgraded to use and play 2K film sources. Wanliu Cinema is one of two 4K theaters in Beijing. Hall 5 is a 4K theater. We see that the movie currently being shown is a very small spy time thief, and the film source has not reached 4K.   At present, 4K projectors for home use are already on the market, and their prices are more than 100,000 yuan, and most of the 4K projectors for professional cinema use millions of dollars. The cost of building a 4K theater is nearly 10 million yuan. On the other hand, due to film source restrictions, the content of the show is still 2K film source, and the ticket price is naturally the same as that of a normal theater. The high cost of hardware equipment is also limited by the scarcity of film sources. At present, the cost of 4K theaters is difficult to recover.
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