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the best lcd flat screen hdtvs for your money

by:XY Screens     2020-02-28
Get more LCD hd TVs for your money the best LCD flat panel HD TVs are those that provide the most features for your money.
In many cases, LCD TVs are cheaper and more energy-efficient than other TVs such as plasma TVs and back-projection TVs.
It makes the most sense to buy LCD flat panel TVs that support full 1080 p HD resolution as well as lower standard and high definition resolution.
It is also important to remember that high contrast is even more important for image quality than high resolution.
Depending on the type of home theater system you own or intend to purchase, the features you need will vary.
The best LCD flat hd TV brands like Vizio, Sony, Samsung and Sharp may have the features you need and will be used frequently.
Vizio VOJ320F 32 \"LCD hd TV is one of the best priced TVs
Consumers with conscious and environmental awareness.
This hd TV feature includes full HD resolution up to 1080 p and 16.
7 million colors, up to 6500: 1 dynamic contrast, SRS TruSurround XT sound, 178 degree view, java-
Color border and built-in
Analog and digital tuner.
It also supports standard, wide, panoramic aspect ratio.
The VOJ320F LCD HDTV input includes a coaxial, three HDMI, two component videos and two composite video inputs.
It also has input for computer RGB and S-
Video, making it easy to connect this hd TV to your PC.
The output includes optical digital audio output and headphone jack.
The matte screen of Vizio voj320f spreads light in the room to prevent reflection from interfering with your viewing enjoyment.
VOJ320F LCD hd TV is part of the Vizio EcoHD series hd TV designed to surpass ENERGY STAR 3.
The 0 criteria are 20%.
The Vizio EcoHD TV also comes in three sizes, 19, 22 and 26.
Sony\'s Bravia S Series LCD HDTV comes in three sizes: 32, 40, 46 and 52.
This affordable hd TV series features a wide range of practical features such as HD support at up to 1080 p resolution, 30000: 1 dynamic contrast, SRS TruSurround XT sound, 178-
Power saving settings, dynamic backlight control, parental control, and 24 p cinema technology.
Sony\'s Bravia S Series hd TV has three HDMI inputs as well as coaxial S-
Video, computer, analog audio, component video, and synthetic video.
This high definition TV exceeds Energy Star 3. 0 requirements.
It is also compatible with the Bravia Link, allowing you to connect a separate Bravia Link module to a HDTV.
The Samsung 7-Series LCD HDTV offers incredible features at affordable prices.
Samsung 7 Series hd TV has three sizes of 40, 46 and 52, supports 1080 p HD resolution, dynamic contrast up to a refresh rate of 150,000: 1,240Hz, to improve the quality of moving images, SRS TruSurround HD sound, picturesin-
Pictures, game mode, internet connection and USB 2.
0 and DLNA connection options.
The Samsung ln52 b750 hd TV input includes four HDMI, two components, two composites and one computer input.
The 7 Series ultra-clear panels diffuse reflections on The View screen.
The wide color booster feature adds to the color range and saturation that Samsung 7 Series HD TVs can produce.
Sharp AQUOSSharp aquos hd TV has a wide range of sizes and different features. The Sharp LC-
52 d85 un 52 \"LCD hd TV with full 1080 p HD resolution, 10-
Bit LCD panel, three
Wavelength backlight system, 10 w 10 w audio system, built-in-
In analog and digital tuning systems, 176-
Degree angle of view, 120Hz refresh rate for enhanced motion, high brightness and spectral contrast engine that produces deeper black.
The input consists of five HDMI, two components, two combinations, one computer and three audio inputs. The Sharp LC-
The 52 d85 un 52 \"LCD HDTV also features a coaxial digital audio output.
The price of this summer LCD hd TV is very reasonable for all these advanced features.
For more tips, read how to buy a real digital TV and how to improve hd TV reception.
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