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The best movie of January, I want to push it

by:XY Screens     2021-10-13
It's another new week, have the minds of the friends returned to work? I guess your mood must be like this. A few days ago, I have analyzed the reasons why 'Predecessor 3' can make enough audience tears, but the premise is that you have to have a story. Today I recommend this movie to everyone, you don’t need it. Any story can move you to the point of crying in the toilet. Today I will tell you about it 'Miracle BoyThe hero of this film, Jacob Tremblay, after the 2015 'RoomSure enough, this time little Jacob still presented us with amazing acting skills. In 'Miracle BoyTo be honest, I almost didn't recognize it when I saw it. Ogi suffered from a disease at birth, and after several operations, he gradually became a normal person. But the cost of the operation caused little Ogi's facial deformity for life. Although he grew up in the care of his parents and sister, in order to avoid harm from the outside world, his mother has always let Augie receive family education. In the fifth grade, in order for Augie to integrate into the society, the family selected a school for Augie to experience the collective life. But inevitably, he will definitely encounter all kinds of strange eyes and bullying from his classmates. The story revolves around little Augie regaining self-confidence in life and hope for the future with the encouragement of his mother and friends. The most intuitive feeling of 'Miracle Boy' is the tears. On the one hand, it is the tears of adults. As a parent, you must have experienced the kind of unbearable child who is not in good health and everything is normal. However, this small probability incident met Augie's mother. For Augie's growth, she gave up her studies and focused on her son. The most moving moment in the film was when the family sent Augie to school for the first time, the perturbed mother forced a smile, and his father encouraged him to take off the helmet he used to cover his shame, and his sister cheered up in his ears. But thinking of the ordeals that Augie might suffer, his parents are always the most worried people. Both Irving Wilson and Julia Roberts expressed this tear-jerking anxiety in a delicate and true manner. On the other hand, it is the tears of children. Bullying seems to be a topic that cannot be ignored on campus. When a young boy like Augie appears in the school, everyone will inevitably put the focus of bullying on him. Those of us who have experienced or are experiencing introversion, sensitivity, and lack of self-confidence in our childhood can certainly understand the pain of not being accepted by our peers. Augie is indeed very strong. Although he will hysterically anger his mother and say that he will no longer go to school, he eventually overcome many difficulties and become a miracle boy. Just like the discrimination and injustice Ogi encountered in the film, he also encountered kindness and courage. The film's portrayal of these children is equally delicate and true: even if they are bear children, they will slowly learn to be kind to others inspired by love. In addition to Augie's parents, the teachers at the school also gave people a thumbs up. It is they who regard Augie as an ordinary child's precepts and deeds, and even resist the unreasonable and arrogant demands of some parents, that give the children a healthy growth environment. The storyline of this film may not be too novel, but its biggest shining point is to tell people: the ultimate meaning of education is the company of the family. If it were not for their companionship and love, Augie would not have become a calm, kind and intelligent child, it would be impossible to answer questions that others didn’t know in science class, and it would be impossible to silently ignore it when he received a malicious note from his classmates. , This is not weakness, but the strength and tolerance of over-age. At the end of the film, my mother finally completed her master's degree thesis, which made us feel a kind of silent power: because of selfless maternal love, she temporarily put her life on hold, and when Auggie's life was gradually on the right track, she also helped herself Completed an excellent thesis as a mother. 'Miracle Boy' will let the audience understand one sentence: The greatest miracle in this world is actually love. Similarly, we will always insist on using love to create every screen. It is the movie that touches your heart, and the thing that touches your vision is to tell the truth. When you watch it, you almost didn't recognize it.
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