The best partner for the living room theater-ultra-short throw black grid anti-light screen high con

The best partner for the living room theater-ultra-short throw black grid anti-light screen (high contrast)

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
SNOWHITE provides customers with high color reproduction, high contrast, high light resistance, and high-quality products that do not hurt the eyes. The ultra-short-focus black grid anti-light screen is one of the classic representatives. The ultra-short-focus black grid anti-light screen can be made into a soft screen and Hard screen. It is easy and quick to install. The hard screen is composed of honeycomb aluminum plate + anti-light screen + frame, reducing the cumbersome process of client installation. The soft screen is composed of automatic adjustment spring + anti-light curtain + frame, so that the client can be assembled quickly and quickly. On the wall, it adopts anti-dropping design, which is convenient and reliable to install. It is the perfect solution for living room theater, home theater, meeting room, teaching, training, etc. ▼Comparison chart (face ratio of black grid anti-light screen and white glass fiber screen) SNOWHITE ultra-short focus black grid anti-light screen related parameters:    1. Gain: 0.46; viewing angle (2α): 140; anti-light shielding rate 95.8%.   2. The special optical structure can effectively absorb ambient light and restore the true projection color.  3. The principle of reflection, the picture is soft and smooth, long-term viewing, the eyes will not be hurt or fatigued, and it can effectively protect the eyes.  4. The screen shading layer blocks the ambient light, so that the picture has the best contrast effect, so you no longer need to turn off the lights for projection.  5. The frame is made of aluminum alloy material, ultra-narrow and ultra-thin frame design, the frame appearance is beautiful, ultra-thin and ultra-narrow, compact structure, fine workmanship, beautiful and generous.  6. u200bu200bWith the revolutionary product developed by the ultra-short throw projector, the projection distance is only 35-60 cm, and the screen can reach 80 inches.  7. The installation is more aspect, faster, easy to use, stable and reliable performance. Description of light-resistant screen structure and installation principle:  1. The black grid light-resistant film is a front projection optical projection film for ultra-short throw projection applications. It includes a multilayer optical structure and a black film material. It can be effective by using reflective imaging technology. Absorb ambient light, greatly improve the contrast and color saturation of the display in a bright environment, and cooperate with ultra-short-focus laser projection to create a huge screen home theater, conference presentation, and e-learning excellent solution 2. Because light is reflected light , So that the picture is soft and smooth, watching for a long time, the eyes will not hurt the fatigue, and can effectively protect the eyes.  3. The surface imaging screen has a width of 920mm and 1200mm, and can be seamlessly spliced. The screen meets the relevant national environmental protection standards (provide reports of qualified formaldehyde content and flame retardant testing). Part of the application case (customer photo): ▼ display (ultra short focus black grid anti-light fusion system 4800*1500mm) ▼ living room theater ▼ meeting room
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