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The best partner in the living room theater—DNP Fresnel anti-light hard screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
SNOWHITE provides customers with high-brightness, high-contrast, high light resistance, better color saturation and high-quality products that do not hurt the eyes. DNP Fresnel ultra-short throw anti-light curtain is one of the classic representatives. It is easy to install and uses honeycomb aluminum panels. +Anti-light screen abdominal closure + frame composition, reducing the cumbersome process of client installation. On the wall, it adopts anti-dropping design, which is convenient and reliable to install. It is the perfect solution for living room theater, home theater, meeting room, teaching, training, etc. ▼Comparison chart (DNP Fresnel anti-light screen and white glass fiber screen face-to-face ratio) SNOWHITE DNP Fresnel anti-light screen related parameters:    1. Unique DNP front projection Fresnel technology built-in Fresnel lens structure, fully Utilizing the performance of ultra-short-throw projectors, it is the best partner for ultra-short-throw projectors.  2. The special optical structure can effectively absorb the ambient light and restore the true projection color. Provides bright, vivid and high-contrast perfect images.  3. Gain: 0.9; viewing angle (2α): 100 degrees; fine prism structure, the structure includes 6 optical layers.  4. The principle of reflection, the picture is soft and smooth, long-term viewing, the eyes will not be hurt or fatigued, and it can effectively protect the eyes.  5. The stylish thin black frame is used around the screen image, the hard front panel coating and the aluminum rear panel enable the screen to realize touch and interactive applications.   6. The projector can be installed above or below the screen. Installation is more aspect, faster, easy to use, stable and reliable performance. Description of advanced optical technology and installation principle of anti-light screen:   The excellent performance of the screen is mainly due to the fine lens structure, which includes 6 optical layers. A semicircular Fresnel lens in the center of the screen reflects the beam from the projector to help reach the audience effectively. Its efficient light transmission makes the screen have a darker black level, does not lose obvious brightness in a bright environment, and effectively produces higher image contrast.  The screen can be installed above or below the projector. However, in a high-level ambient light environment, DNP recommends that the projector be installed below the screen and the image is projected upward. In this position, the ambient light is blocked and the image contrast is better. Due to the asymmetric (half-circular) Fresnel lens, the proper installation position of the projector is crucial to the screen.  Part of the application case (customer mobile phone camera): ▲Home theater
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