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The best partner in the living room theater-Fresnel anti-light hard screen

by:XY Screens     2021-09-14
SNOWHITE provides customers with high-quality products with high brightness, high contrast, high light resistance, and does not hurt the eyes. The Fresnel ultra-short throw light-resistant hard screen is one of the classic representatives. It is easy to install and adopts honeycomb aluminum panel + light-resistant screen belly + frame Composition, reducing the cumbersome process of client installation. On the wall, it adopts anti-dropping design, which is convenient and reliable to install. It is the perfect solution for living room theater, home theater, meeting room, teaching, training, etc. SNOWHITE Fresnel anti-light hard screen related parameters:    1. Special optical structure, can effectively absorb ambient light, restore the true projection color, in a bright environment, eliminate the projection fog, provide bright, realistic high contrast Perfect image.  2. Gain: 0.9, viewing angle 60°, saturated color, gorgeous picture.  3. The principle of reflection, the picture is soft and smooth, long-term viewing, the eyes will not be hurt or fatigued, and it can effectively protect the eyes.  4. The frame is made of aluminum alloy material, ultra-narrow and ultra-thin frame design, the frame appearance is beautiful, ultra-thin and ultra-narrow, compact structure, fine workmanship, beautiful and generous.  5. The functions are comprehensive and novel, with good anti-ambient light performance, which can effectively maintain bright colors and clear images.   6. The installation is more aspect, faster, easy to use, stable and reliable performance. ▼Comparison diagram (Fresnel anti-light hard screen and white glass fiber screen face ratio)   Anti-light hard screen structure and installation principle description:    1. Fresnel anti-light film is a front projection for ultra-short throw projection applications Optical projection film, which contains multi-layer optical structure and nano-particle powder, uses Fresnel lens imaging technology, can effectively absorb ambient light, greatly improve the contrast and color saturation of the display in a bright environment, and the appearance is a thin flat panel Design, combined with ultra-short-focus laser projection, to create a giant screen home theater, conference presentations, e-learning excellent program 2. Because the light is reflected light, so that the picture is soft and smooth, long-term viewing, eyes will not hurt and fatigue, Can effectively protect the eyes. Some application cases (customer photos): ▼home theater ▼living room theater ▼restaurant·END·Please click to read the original text and participate in the event to buy!
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