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The best portable projector is back at its lowest price ever—today only

by:XY Screens     2019-11-05

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Would you like to mix up your summer activities and do something new and interesting that the whole family will love?
You should then consider buying a portable projector. Why?
The backyard movie night, obviously!
You can hang a sheet on a clothesline or on the side of the House, invite your friends over and watch whatever you want with these magical devices, now, the best portable projectors we \'ve tested are on sale on Amazon for the lowest price.
The Anker Nebula Mars II portable projector is amazing.
I can\'t emphasize this too much.
It usually costs $500, which is a bit too expensive for most of us.
However, Anker made a deal on Amazon today, dropping the price to $330.
This is the best price ever and we only saw it once in last December so you really don\'t want to miss your chance.
Why do you want a portable projector?
Don\'t believe it yet?
Let me tell you why it\'s so good.
First of all, I have been using this projector at home for almost a year.
It lives in the drawer of my bedroom, which means I don\'t have the big TV that takes up the space of the wall.
I project to a blank wall when I want to watch TV and enjoy 10-foot picture.
Yes, that\'s right.
The huge viewing size made me feel fancy, the picture quality of 720 p may not be 4 k but looks very good.
The light is on when we take the picture below, which of course will wash the picture a little (
Don\'t mind my crazy obsession with the most deadly fish).
I bring it into my living room sometimes (
See other photos below)
So when my partner is playing video games, I can watch TV or connect my Nintendo Switch (what! we\'re nerds)
I took it to the house by the lake last summer, and my friend and I rented the house so we could sit by the fire and watch TV and taste marshmallow.
This is the best kind of \"charm\" and I am also planning to bring it this year.
Technical details to know before you buy Mars II, it weighs about 4 pounds and is about the size of a six pack soda tank.
It has a handy handle to take from one place to another and comes with a remote control and a smartphone app for easier menu navigation (
And keyboard use).
It can be wirelessly transmitted over WiFi, as well as HDMI ports, USB and Bluetooth.
The battery can run for about four hours on a single charge, and after nearly a year of using my battery, I can confidently say that the battery life did not deteriorate significantly during that time.
The screen size may vary depending on how close or far the projector is from the surface it hits, and even if you have a small space like my living room wall, the screen size will become great: when it comes to streaming, it has an Android 7.
Testers Micahel Desjardin and I both think the OS is very easy to use.
By the time you take it out of the box, it has installed the basics: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon videos.
You can also add other streaming apps like Plex and Sling, and you can take screenshots from Android and Apple phones!
Did I mention that it\'s automatic? focus?
The screen is recalibrated to show a clear picture whenever you move the projector. Amore budget-
If you really like to have a TV that you can go to anytime, friendly options are on sale as well, but the $330 price tag for Mars 2 lets your eyes jump out of your head, maybe a smaller capsule would be a better choice.
Anker also marked the project as $224. 99 (
Full price cut $125)today as well—
It is slightly larger than the soda tank and provides a decent quality picture along with the same built-in picture
On the streaming platform.
Unlike Mars II, it\'s not automatic
Instead, focus has a manual adjustment wheel, which is not very convenient but can do the work.
The photo is not too sharp or bright either, but it has its own size, is smaller and very convenient anywhere.
Buy Anker Nebula Mars II portable projector on Amazon for $329. 99 (Save $170)
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