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the best projectors you can buy

by:XY Screens     2019-11-12
The projector can give you a sense of home theater in the living room, which may be exactly what you need to get a theater experience at home without the need for a large screen.
With the projector, you don\'t have to spend as much money on a high quality LCD or 4 k TV as usual to get a big and bright picture.
There are plenty of HD projectors and some of the more expensive 4 k models to choose from, while other lighter business items can be set up in different locations and are easy to carry. £449.
99, AmazonOne is one of the best budget full HD projectors, this 1080 p ViewSonic setting offers a rich brightness of up to 3,200 lumens, so even in rooms with plenty of light, you can also use this projector, while its DLP chip and super color technology provide excellent image quality that can be used for 3D movie projects.
It has two HDMI ports and a micro usb port, which can provide a lot of connections when starting up and running the stream, while it also has a separate port to connect the wireless dongle to transfer the video.
CurrysThis smart business projector is ideal for displaying slides or videos when moving, or just useful tools for people with limited budgets.
What sets this micro projector apart is its clever, flexible use of tripod settings that can be easily adjusted or locked to support.
It does not provide a lot of brightness in the case of 50 lumens, but this is typical for the palm of the hand
Portable Projector.
It has a resolution of 854x480 and is connected via Micro HDMI which will work with the Android device but you will need an extra adapter to connect to the Apple device.
The price includes HDMI cable and tripod. Buy now£223.
13, EbayFor portable projection requirements, Aaxa Pico offers a higher resolution than some other budget models with a resolution of about 1280x800 pixels while it can provide 120-
An inch image with a brightness of 400 lumens.
As a portable device, it also has an independent battery life of about an hour and comes with a built-in battery
Speaker, HDMI, Micro SD and USB compatibility.
Not bad, you can also sit in the palm of your hand.
Buy amaz472, AmazonAnother another HD projector below 500 is the 1080 p model of Optoma;
It has two HDMI ports, built in-
In the speaker, game mode is also equipped to optimize the response time and bright colors of the projector.
As a DLP projector, it can display 3D movies.
Optoma is a standard throw projector, which means you want to stand around 1.
5 m away from your screen or wall.
It doesn\'t offer some more expensive model colors, but it offers a great picture at a reasonable price.
Purchased from £ 449.
99, Epson onthis Epson LCD projector provides a brighter color and contrast supported by this lighting technology with a contrast of 35000: 1.
The brightness is 2,200 lumens, which makes the device easy to observe in areas with ambient light sources.
At 1080 p, it is ready for HD video and offers a screen size of up to 330 inch.
Buy £ 39 now, best mid range at EbayOne
This BenQ model DLP projector has full HD at 1080 p, which can achieve 62-
Inch Screen 2 m away.
3,000 lumens, bright enough to be used in a room with normal light.
Mingji provides a wealth of connectivity, including HDMI, VGA, USB, etc. , but also built-in
In 10 w speakers, though you will want to connect the external speakers in order to get the best quality.
Move the projector back and you can display a screen up to 300
The maximum size is inches. Buy now£896.
33. AmazonLG\'s stylish micro projector is an excellent short-distance projector with rich functions, making it an excellent multi-function projectorround device.
From 38 cm away, it can launch 100-
The inch picture on the wall or screen has the wireless capacity to connect a PC or tablet, while it is connected to an external speaker with Bluetooth.
It has 1080 p and 1,000 lumens, which means it may be more suitable for environments that don\'t have much background light.
It has an independent battery life of about two and a half hours while it is USB compatible and can be connected to Apple products. Buy now£699.
99, Amazon solid-
The brightness of the BenQ W2000 round HD projector is 2,000 lumens, which can project 100 lumens
Pictures within 2. 5 metres.
It also includes a reasonable 20 w speaker, although you would like to connect the device to an external speaker system for the best results.
There is a lot of connectivity on this projector, with two HDMI ports, and a lot of connectivity for PC and USB.
Its palette is made on hd TV for the best results. Buy now£1,533.
High 88, Amazon
Epson\'s projector is perfect for those who want to invest in a high-end home theater experience.
Project the full HD image to 300 inch or just three metres away to 100 inch.
With a high contrast of 70,000: 1, a strong brightness, and a lamp life of up to seven years, you can guarantee an incredible picture over the next few years.
It is equipped with wireless viewing, so you can watch videos through your laptop or smartphone.
You also have two HDMI ports and a USB port and Jack for additional audio input.
Epson is known for its high-quality projectors, which can help you bring the magic of movies including 3D into your home.
Most of the standard projectors purchased now come with LCD lights, similar to those used in most TV sets.
These can get greater color saturation and brightness in your picture.
DLP projectors use microchips and micromirrors to provide higher contrast than standard LCD projectors and can be used for 3D images.
Get a bright photo
Measured by lumens
From your projector, you can really inspire the experience of watching movies.
Anything from 1,000 to 1,200 lumens is enough to get a good picture in a dark room, but more than 3,000 may make the image too bright.
If you plan to use a projector in a light or sunlit location, a 2,000 lumens or higher brightness will help to provide a clear image in all conditions.
The rated brightness of a small pico projector for portable projection is usually much lower.
There are several different types of projectors.
The main choice you have to make is whether it is a short projection projector that can be positioned around 0.
A projection projector 5 m from the screen, or further away, can be used in a home theater.
Other options are smaller pico projectors, which are portable and can be operated with a battery instead of a wired connection.
If you are on a budget, you can buy a decent projector for between 250 and 500, usually the smaller portable projector is good to use every day in a dark room.
Projectors over £ 500 will have higher quality, full HD capacity and higher brightness.
Projectors over £ 1,000 may be HD systems and take into account the home theater experience.
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