The big screen displays the performance list and opens the door to Internet industry applications-XY

The big screen displays the performance list and opens the door to Internet industry applications

by:XY Screens     2021-09-17
The large-screen display industry started in 1987. After more than two decades, from the simple application of projectors, the emergence of LED single and dual colors to the stunning surprises that touched the heartstrings of the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the magnificent blooming of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo has appeared. The development trend of product diversification, application diversification, and intelligent use. As one of the rising industries in recent years, the large-screen display industry products have been widely used in various fields of society, and the city is full of golden armor. With the arrival of the first year of capital in the large-screen display industry in 2010, upstream manufacturing companies have transformed from fighting on their own to a situation of complementary, differentiated, and capitalized integration; the downstream market has seen a combination of vertical and horizontal, strong and integrated capital. The trend of globalization, chain-ization, branding and standardization of corporate management. At this historic turning point in the industry, the focus of competition among companies is capital and performance. The large-screen display performance list has unique characteristics among many display industry websites at present. The website has been changed to display industry websites and even IT websites that focus on consulting and simple product introductions, and are oriented by project performance search queries, through detailed project photos, project geographic location, project scale, construction time, and multiple technical indicators. Show the true and accurate information of the project. A number of information such as company introduction, company dynamics, company qualifications, and related cases are also visually displayed. Search is the core function of the 'big screen display performance list'. Users can search by companies, project names, project regions, industries, major events and other methods. The website will automatically display search results in categories, completing Google and Baidu searches. Industry-precise search functions that the engine cannot achieve. The 'Big Screen Display Performance List' provides a free and convenient information acquisition platform for users, designers, manufacturers and all practitioners in the large screen display industry: Search, understand and finally determine the manufacturer that suits your actual needs; as a design institute, you can learn about the application of LED displays in the field of construction through the latest special-shaped creative projects, or DLP, LCD LCD splicing walls in the monitoring center, command Centers, banks and other flexible and diverse applications; as a manufacturer, through this intuitive project display platform, not only can more customers and agents understand the strength of the company, but also understand the industry competition and product development. The latest developments; as a supplier of complementary products, you can also use the website to promote accurately and directly target the target customer group. 'From here, it's not the same as wonderful.' The industry gave the 'big screen display performance list' an opportunity. The website opened the door to the industry for Internet applications! With a unique industry perspective, solid data foundation, strong market support and rigorous The 'big screen display performance list' has won the recognition of the industry and the majority of users.
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