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The big screen trend is obvious in the security market

by:XY Screens     2021-09-15
With the domestic investment in the construction of basic industries such as energy and transportation and the continuous advancement of industrial automation and informatization, the demand for large-screen splicing industrial applications has steadily increased. Large-scale monitoring, command and dispatch large-screen splicing projects have been constructed frequently, and many splicing have occurred. Over a hundred large-size splicing screen projects. As LCD screens continue to break through the limitations of joints, their applications in the industrial field have gradually become stronger. Recently, many large-scale energy industry splicing screen projects have adopted LCD splicing technology. According to the latest research report of AVC, the overall scale of the domestic large-screen splicing display market in 2010 reached 4.8 billion yuan, and it is expected that the overall scale will increase by 42% in 2011, achieving a total sales of 6.81 billion yuan. The growth rate of the screen will be as high as 123%. It can be seen that the market development potential of LCD splicing is huge, and it will undoubtedly drive the further prosperity of my country's security surveillance market. In 2015, China will fully enter the high-definition era, and high-definition applications will inevitably use LCD as a good support. In the next three to five years, the popularity of LCD will become faster and faster. HD will inevitably be the main product in the future. For example, home TVs, including commercial displays, will switch to high-definition signals, including some financial and banking monitoring systems. , Are undergoing high-definition transformation, as well as high-definition cameras, high-definition picture display, to ensure more security monitoring, the general trend makes LCD will inevitably become a mainstream. The trend of substitution is beginning. Narrow-edge splicing or large-screen splicing has risen all the way, first of all relying on its unique technological leadership. Compared with traditional CRT TV walls, projections, flat-panel monitor groups, large-screen monitors, etc., large-screen splicing is not only in terms of display performance such as clarity, brightness, viewing angle, color consistency, etc., but also the flexibility of splicing, post-maintenance, and Comprehensive considerations such as price are obviously better. Among them, LCD splicing screen has a technological breakthrough in splicing, which makes it invincible in large-screen splicing. Secondly, with the increasing complexity and diversification of security projects, high-definition acquisition, encoding and decoding, and network transmission have increasingly become standardized configurations. A single security monitoring can no longer meet the needs of users. Traditional technical means have increasingly become the shackles of the development of the security industry. The large-screen splicing products have demonstrated their advantages in the unified management and centralized control of the security business. Security market demand grows, splicing products are worth paying attention to. In fact, the security market has been reflected in various fields in our country. For example, the fire command center of the public relations system, the business dispatch center of logistics enterprises, the command and coordination of large-scale performances and meetings, and the commercial information display of radio and television...With the continuous development of information construction in various industries, users are more The demand for monitoring is also strong. At the same time, the ability to provide a complete set of information-based commercial solutions is even more important for users in the security field. In the past ten years, the domestic security market has maintained a rapid growth of more than 30% for many years, and China has rapidly emerged as the world's most important security product production base and the world's largest security market. A good market environment will eventually brew a technological revolution in display terminals. It is very obvious that flat panel splicing products led by LEDs will become the best choice and development trend for today’s security environment. At the same time, the mutual understanding between manufacturers and distributors will also be a win-win situation. It is a guiding light for the development of the security market in the future.
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