The charm and application of LED transparent screen | Transparent LED glass screen | LED display-XY

The charm and application of LED transparent screen | Transparent LED glass screen | LED display

by:XY Screens     2021-10-01
The charm of transparent screen LED transparent screen is a new type of display screen. There is a transparent LED on the front instead of glass, and there are products inside. With 70%-95% transparency, the screen has made a super LED transparent screen. The panel thickness is only 10mm, so the LED unit panel can be installed from behind the glass and perfectly combined with the glass. The unit size can be customized according to the size of the glass, which has little effect on the transparency of the glass curtain wall. It is also easy to install and maintain. With these advantages, the ultra-transparent LED screen is very suitable for the field of architectural media. If you display an advertisement on the LED transparent screen, you can get rid of unnecessary background colors, and the color that does not glow when the LED transparent screen is played becomes darker as if it is disappearing, so the screen only displays what you need. This way of playing can greatly reduce light pollution and energy consumption. LED transparent screen applications: LED transparent screens are widely used in various commercial places, large-scale architectural glass curtain walls, public large-scale building spaces, commercial showcases, large shopping malls, exhibition centers, airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, hotel theaters, large stages, etc. Examples of LED transparent screen advantages: transparent LED glass screen, also called LED screen, LED glass curtain wall screen, LED display, is a new product developed on the basis of traditional LED display, composed of lamp components. As a new type of advertising media, it is widely used in glass curtain walls, shop windows and other industries. High transparency, good heat dissipation performance and light weight. This kind of transparent display screen, which has become the new bright spot of multimedia advertising media in modern cities in my country, attracts customers by contrasting the displayed products with the background of their digital content.
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